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  1. KSC35Matt

    Seeking advice for the £40 ($60) range please

    Hi   My SR60's broke - the driver gave up, and it wasn't the hair problem.  A repair company has told me they can fit new SR60i drivers in them for £40 ($60 USD).   My question - should I get the repair with the new SR60i drivers, or is there a headphone on the market that you think is...
  2. KSC35Matt

    Grado SR60 problem & advice

    My trusty 9 year old Grado SR60 headphones have developed a rattling in the right earpiece, it sounds like the cone is struggling as the music is distorted.   I contacted Grado, they told me I can pay £35 to get them repaired.  They said they would fit new drivers.  Would they use identical...
  3. KSC35Matt

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Fantastic review, a real gem on the internet.   I'm looking at getting great SQ waterproof headphones (so I can run in the rain - I've got a waterproof player case) and really appreciated your H20 Audio Surge review.  The H20 website now has a new waterproof headphone which costs more...
  4. KSC35Matt

    Sansa Fuze too heavy to go running with?

    sorry 'umpf' was not very specific! My Clip+ (and yes KSC35's) are plenty loud enough, I don't even use the volume on 100%, volume is not the issue.  It just doesn't sound very authoritative (noob phrase?).  I wouldn't mind there being a bit more bass too.  When I adjust any frequency on the...
  5. KSC35Matt

    Sansa Fuze too heavy to go running with?

    ok I bought the 8GB Clip+ and yeah it sounds pretty good, but I'm yearning for more umpf.  Again for running, which amp would you recommend to pair with the Clip+ ? I've read that the Fiio E5 is a bit 'meh', adding bass but cutting off highs and adding hiss - any other ideas on a light (weight)...
  6. KSC35Matt

    Sansa Fuze too heavy to go running with?

    Well I don't know if I'll be able to find a case/clip for the Fuze, but if I do then is the Fuze still too heavy? ie - will it bounce up and down etc and pull my shorts down, or would it be ok if attached properly?  (I'm not a fan of the armband case)
  7. KSC35Matt

    Need advice on full Setup (Headphones, Amp and MP3 player) for running/exercise?

    What I'd like : To listen to fantastic sound quality for running/exercise, with some exciting bass (mainly dance music).  My unamped Koss KSC35 has done a fantastic job with this but after 8 years has started to fall apart, and I can hear room for improvement.  I've just lost my MP3 player and...
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