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  1. iq160plus

    BLU TAK MOD!!!

    Sorry for the 9 year bump but I have a question.   New 280pros, I immediately filled the empty cup-like area with a blue tak type type filling.  My question is that people are talking about putting Blu-Tak on the 'back of the driver'.  If I filled the cup area, is this putting Blu-Tak on the...
  2. iq160plus

    I think of stupid things like this.What are your stupid thoughts?

    When you flip a coin, someone will claim that it landed on heads if heads is showing. Actually it landed ON tails side of the coin and heads is showing.     Childhood prayer that does not make sense. "and if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take" You can't die before you...
  3. iq160plus

    Has The Internet Robbed You of TV Suspense and Cliffhangers

    Quote:   Are TV broadcasted shows piracy?  I am not talking about movies
  4. iq160plus

    Has The Internet Robbed You of TV Suspense and Cliffhangers

    I was sick the last week, in bed just like so many people.  I watched the first two seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix.  I found torrent shares for seasons 3, 4 and first half of 5, which is every released episode.   I watched them all without having to wait a week in-between each episode. ...
  5. iq160plus

    Cosmetics of Electronics

    I buy for functionality 99% and the one percent for looks, mostly based on size and not color.  I could care less about colors! But hey,  that's me.  When it is dying, I replace unless the prices of a new item is very low because it's not latest and greatest but it has a great more functionality...
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  7. iq160plus

    How do you listen to your music?

    I listen only when alone.   I hate distractions.  I get into my music mind space and it tends to allow me to experience my feeling and emotions that were inappropriate during the day.    I also actually fall asleep during heavy metal so I play that first.  The I play more mellow music.  I...
  8. iq160plus

    Need 2-player Need For Speed type game for xbox

    My son likes need for speed.  The one we have is a single player game.    Is Need For Speed Carbon a two player, head to head game?  What are some two player racing games for XBOX 360?
  9. iq160plus

    POLL: Where Do You Live In Respect To The Equator

    Just curious if our slice of the world on head-fi statistically is mostly the same area where the land of the earth is or if we are limited to the most common living areas.    I am not trying to debate Global Warming but got this idea from a map represented in the movie "An Inconvenient...
  10. iq160plus

    Need Game Console Suggestions for kids

    I thought I would go Wii.  However, kids absolutely loved Kinect so I ended up with XBOX360 with the large, 250 Gig I believe, HD.  Here is my next question (wow, I used to be up on technology):   I bought the 250gig rather impetuously.  The question is since I purchased several games, can I...
  11. iq160plus

    Need Game Console Suggestions for kids

    My kids have been saving up and they have a few hundred and want to buy a gaming system.  They will be 8 and 10 years old very soon.  I do not want to start any wars here with people taking sides. I am looking for opinions on what game system to let them purchase.    They will never play any...
  12. iq160plus

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    #1-MEGAMIND   I agree with the previous posters on this one, for the most part.  Couple of laugh-out-loud moments but was actually a dark comedy. I got it for my kids but most of the humor was over their heads.  It was nothing like I expected.   6/10 for me.    BEER FOR MY HORSES. ...
  13. iq160plus

    What book are you reading right now?

    John Grisham-"The Confession".  Dang it, I am so mainstream!
  14. iq160plus

    Three Letters of the Alphabet your Music Collection Could Not Do Without

    If you could only have 3 letters of the Alphabet to choose musical artists from, what would they be?   You can cheat a bit.  Elvis Presley could be under "P" or "E".  Pretend there has become an International ration on music.  Give Examples or reasons for your choices.   "K"-Kiss is a...
  15. iq160plus

    How do you mark left from right on your earbuds?

    I seem to always be putting in ear buds in complete darkness, at night, when I can't sleep.  I needed a way to mark left from right.  My method is to tie a knot on the left ear bud cord (they are small wires) near the Y connection of the left and right channels.   How do you do it? Just...
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  18. iq160plus

    Why did you choose your username?

    Because I am an exaggerator!   The truth of IQ 150 was taken, lol
  19. iq160plus

    Is the number 0 really a number or the representation of nothing?

    I am intrigued about the year ZERO that never happened.  People went from 11:59 PM 1B.C.E and the next minute were at midnight 12:00 AM 1 A.D.  Was it a tough decision to skip the year zero? Were they scared of living in the year Zero?
  20. iq160plus

    Official Team BEER-FI (Beer Appreciation Thread!)

    Until month ago drank mostly woosie light beers: Bud Light, Rolling Rock.I was just getting used to having a few Black and Tans for lunch, too. Now signed the riot act by physician not to drink alcohol since I use a lot of Percocet each month permanently.
  21. iq160plus

    What book are you reading right now?

    Just finished Childhood favorite "The City Boy"-Herman Wouk (he wrote The Caine Mutiny) Half way thru "ROOTS" by Alex Haley. Huge Book.
  22. iq160plus

    Need good black history/slavery book without n-word

    I am getting all the books suggested. I also agree with you all that said they are too young. I was in 7th grade when it was on TV and it had parts that I'll never forget. The DVD is already on it's way but I guess I will save it for my wife and I. Thanks for so many replies. The...
  23. iq160plus

    Help with "BOSTON" Wallpaper

    I can usually find whatever I need on Google. This one is getting the best of me. I want a decent wallpaper representing Boston! I have searched on images and cannot find anything widescreen at all, and its hard to filter out things about the city of Boston. While I really am looking for a...
  24. iq160plus

    SMS and Text Messaging: Time-Waster or Time-Saver? Cell based e-mail?

    Do you think text messaging saves time or wastes it? I feel I save time of my contacts and that of myself. ( < Is that sentence grammatically correct?) I digress. I can text anyone with a question and then can answer whenever they desire or not at all. I can text 10 guys at once and see...
  25. iq160plus

    When Do You Get a New Cell Phone

    I lost mine so got another. I woulda got whatever was FREE, but after the TREO 650 I appreciated one thing that was hard to do without: Threaded SMS. I only need to make calls and SMS and QWERTY kb is a HUGE convenience. I went with the LG Lotus (LX600) since the square shape fits in pocket...