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  1. Dethredic

    Amp for ATH-M50 headphones

    My current setup is as follows:   Creative-xfi card -> Cambridge audio A500 -> paradigm titans                         -> vintage harmon/kardon amp -> ath-m50   I use both my speakers and headphones equally and I switch between them. For this reason I really like having a separate...
  2. Dethredic

    Need Advice on $200-300 2.0/2.1 Speakers

      Currently I have the Logitech X540's, which I impulse bought @ ~$80 last year. I listen to 65% electronic music (trance / vocal trance, and top40), then 35% movies or TV.   I have been thinking about buying something better for a while, and it seems my house this year is a "good party...