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  1. Furieux

    Tricky question about a vintage amp

    Hi guys, right now my setup consist of an old Pioneer TT, an Onkyo A-7040 vintage amp and a pair of AKG K702. I consider passing my studio setup through this amp too so I will be able to listen to my vinyls and monitor my mix through this amp.   Anywayz, my question is about the amp in...
  2. Furieux

    Portable Amp for AKG K702 under 100$

    Hi guys,   Title says it all. I need a portable amp for my AKG K702 but I don't want to spend more than 100$. The cheper the better, but I still wanna know what are the best portable amp for a guy on a budget !   Thanks in advance ! :)
  3. Furieux

    Audio interface + AKG K702

    Hi guys, I just purchased a pair of K702 and I was wondering if my audio interface, which is a M-Audio Fast Track Pro, will be enough to power the headphones.     This is what they say on M-Audio website :     Quote:   But I still can't find the actual specs of that...
  4. Furieux

    Too good to be true ?

    This guy is selling a bunch of ATH-M50 and HDJ-2000     I've ask him how much he was asking for a pair of ATH and a pair of HDJ shipped to Canada and it was 150$ for both. Here's the mail he sent...
  5. Furieux

    A noob needing advice for studio

    Hi everyone,   i'm slowly building a studio for music production. I already have the comp, the midi controller and the soundcard.   The only thing missing is the Headphones...   I'm producing electronic music (house, trance... etc). I would need some advice for headphone that would...