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  1. bootman

    Head fiers who have disappeared!!??

    Quote: Originally Posted by gloco Me too, i met him at a NY meet and he was an all-around nice guy. I don't recall seeing bootman post much lately as well. KR and I are alive. KR graduated from SVA this year so he has been busy with life in general. (plus I think he has found...
  2. bootman

    I always pictured MAC fans to be type B people.

    I guess I was wrong. Total chaos! One lady even tried to charge her cell phone battery while in line.
  3. bootman

    By the way, I got my new baby girl

    Great news! How old is your son now? Is he excited as well now that he is a "big" brother?
  4. bootman

    Poll: Please Help Me Decide Between These 2 Watches

    I've has the same Tag on daily since 1990. It's taken an obscene amount of abuse and I did replace the crystal and crown after a particularly serious mishap about 5 years ago. (I used to climb poles in my younger days with Comcast and yes I would still wear my Tag while doing so!) I...
  5. bootman

    Happy Fathers Day!

    To all Head-Fi dads! Enjoy your day. ...and the rest of you, don't forget your dads today.
  6. bootman

    Graphics Card

    Geesh, you guys are spending his money like crazy. A MB upgrade might not even fit his case. With PCI your choices are few, but you can find a card that will let you play at 800x600 with decent detail. If you want a directX 9 card, your only choice is Nvidia. You can find PCI versions of...
  7. bootman

    Worst feeling in the world: My child is hurt, and I feel like it's my fault

    As a parent of two, I know exactly how you feel. No matter how diligent we may be, kids will always seem to put themselves in peril. This was not a case of neglect or abuse. It is normal to think that this was your fault, the parental instinct is strong, but accidents happen and you did react...
  8. bootman

    What's the biggest Head-Fi thread ever????

    Quote: Originally Posted by ayt999 where are the other 9000 posts? they are still pretty long though. I did catch my mistake and edited the totals.
  9. bootman

    What's the biggest Head-Fi thread ever????

    It would have to be the original "Darkest Desires" thread in the music forum. It was closed after reaching 1000 posts, and part 2 was started. (up to 5 now?) They are all really the same thread and should count as a group. I believe the 1000 post limit was due to the forum software limitation...
  10. bootman

    The Tipping Thread :: How Much And Why?

    I usually tip 20%. I used to work in the food service industry while a young teen. I know how hard some of them work and that tips are a major source of income.
  11. bootman

    Grado SR325i 245.00

    Quote: Originally Posted by mmmmcheese I have no idea and i was thinking the excat thing as you. They are not on but they are an acctual store in brooklyn. soo... Jump on the deal. It's obviously a typo. The price should be $100 more at least.
  12. bootman

    RIP Karol Woityla (Pope John Paul II)

    Quote: Originally Posted by elrod-tom Whatever your religious beliefs, I suspect most everyone will agree that he was a good man who was much loved. He will be missed. On that note, I'll remind everyone that this is not "Outside". Please refrain from pointlessly controversial and/or...
  13. bootman

    How big is your ride? SUVs, Hummers and Four Wheelin' Yah or Nay?

    Quote: Originally Posted by chadbang I had to wonder: who buys these things, why, and when will the Godzilla-like egos of American motorists and the whole "size matters" school of thought finally give way to rationality? Believe it or not, over 30% of Hummer buyers are women...
  14. bootman

    Some nostalgic fun with

    Wow, I just realized I'm there on the first link. I've been here too long.
  15. bootman

    Comcast = teh win

    Quote: Originally Posted by zachary80 I believe so, although it may have been on more channels. Those (2-6) have always been the worst overall for anything. That is easily fixed by replacing outside fittings and drop cable. Do you live in a MDU (multiple dwelling unit, ie apt...
  16. bootman

    Comcast = teh win

    Quote: Originally Posted by dariusf bootman any 'inside' info you might have/be able to share about the lowers speed/price accounts? My local office sales people have no clue. I'm an engineer not in marketing. (the evil empire) I'm busy enough trying to make sure the service...
  17. bootman

    Comcast = teh win

    Quote: Originally Posted by Imyourzero I know you said you're on the cable modem side, but I will tell you that the main complaint I've heard regarding Comcast is in regards to the ever-increasing rates for the cable television service. I've seen a lot of people switch to satellite TV...
  18. bootman

    Finally got a job!!!

    Congrats. Save your disposable income and run as far as you can from here!
  19. bootman

    External HD Folder Problem

    OS? Drive Letter? File system? (FAT, FAT32, NTFS etc) Folder name? Is it empty? Are you sure you really want to get rid of it? open up a command prompt (start/run-cmd(nt/xp) or command(9x)) Type: rd [drive letter]:\[name of directory] example: to delete a directory named temp in a...
  20. bootman

    So what are you giving up for lent?

    I'll give the the hope that this thread won't be locked/deleted/whatever by week's end. (since this is a banned topic!)
  21. bootman

    Giving Back to Head-Fi

    If you really want to give back to head-fi, you can get photo hosting here.
  22. bootman

    fastest thing on 4 wheels????

    Wow, the ultimate go-kart! Here is the home page. You lucky Brits! EDIT: Actually you can buy a used one for just over $52K. OK, so when is tuberoller getting one?
  23. bootman

    RAID 0 problem - help needed!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ServinginEcuador ...Upgrading to a motherboard with (4) SATA ports means going to a 915 or 925 series M/B, and that would mean replacing the RAM with DDR2, the VGA card w/ PCI-e, and the CPU w/ an LGA775! And down here things are a little more expensive , so...
  24. bootman

    CDs ---> DVD Possible?

    Rip the files you want from your CDs and drag them into your burner program. Shouldn't be an issue with Nero.
  25. bootman

    Top 5 DVDs worth owning

    Top five is tough. Are you looking for disks that really show off the format or just top movies of all time? Then there is all the different genre of movies! I can give you top five gangster, Sci fi, drama, horror, etc. Hey, I can't live with just 5 disks!