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  1. Abouna

    Recabling supplier help

    I really love my ATH-AD900X cans but I HATE the cable! The time has come after 5 years to rip it out. I'm trying to source a 3.5 panel jack so I can convert these to removable instead of fixed cabling. I'm having a hard time finding parts that don;t seem like junk. I'd love to be pointed in...
  2. Abouna

    Still looking......please help. Under ear IEMs or very small closed on ear

    OK, though I know it's ridiculous, I've yet to find anything that replaces my old UE 3 IEMs. I've tried a lot but just can't get any satisfaction. I don;t follow the forums much anymore so I am hoping for some leads. I need something with the following criteria: - $100 range - IEMs...
  3. Abouna

    Still looking......please help. Under ear IEMs or very small closed on ear

    OK, though I know it's ridiculous, I've yet to find anything that replaces my old UE 3 IEMs. I've tried a lot but just can't get any satisfaction. I don;t follow the forums much anymore so I am hoping for some leads. I need something with the following criteria: - $100 range - IEMs...
  4. Abouna

    Google Pixel help

    OK, I've tried to read through some threads but I've not found my answer (though I have come close to finding what I suspect). I'm now on yet another set of IEMs to pair with my Pixel (not the XL). The last were the FiiO EX1s, which had very nice sound but were way to open. Now I;ve moved on...
  5. Abouna

    13 yr. old son looking for MP3 player

    My son thinks he needs a dedicated player.  Frankly I think his Nexus 6p is good enough but it's his money so....   He's looking at the FiiO X1 and I'm wondering if there is anything to compete at that price point?   Cheers.
  6. Abouna

    Beyerdynamic 990 Pro 250 ohm vs Audio Technica ATH-AD900X

    Well I couldn't resist the Amazon deal on the Beyers so ordered some.   I've now tried them against my ATs and am wondering if they need either some burn in or a better AMP.  I'm running them both through my Topping TP30 DAC/AMP and frankly the ATs have WAY more sound stage and are way more...
  7. Abouna

    UE 3 - down for the count. Need help with new IEMs with Mic.

    I have been using Super-fi 3s for about 6 years now and love them.  The signature is just right for me and I love the fit.  I bought 2-3 pair years ago when they were cheap (I never paid more than $35!).  Unfortunately my last pair is on it's last leg.  The connector has cracked.   The bright...
  8. Abouna

    USB DAC/Amp from Amazon? Emergency!

    Anyone recommend a moderately priced USB DAC/Amp from Amazon?   My trusty FiiO E10 isn't happy with my new PC (works fine with my old PC though!).   Thought I'd try something new.  Need it asap, can't stand using on screen volume control!
  9. Abouna

    Collecting Classical: help with ID3 please

    OK, so I have no problem with most of my collection, i.e. all other music genres.   Unfortunately I've put off ripping a 100+ of my Classical discs because I find the taging daunting.  The few I've ripped are just a mess.  Sometimes I get Beethoven catalogued as composer, sometimes as artist...
  10. Abouna

    Cheapest portable amp for ATH-AD900X

    I rarely listen to my ATH-AD900X away from my computer where I use a Fiio E10.   That said, i do sometimes want to listen in the living room and need something to drive these as my Galaxy Note 2 can't quite do the trick.   Any suggestions?
  11. Abouna

    Most economical replacement for UE SuperFi 3s?

    Unfortunately it looks like the days of my loved UE SuperFi 3 are done.  I've still got a good pair but my dad's are shot.   Can anyone recommend a worthy successor in the under $50 range?  I know these were around $100 new but I paid only $35.00 so I;d like to stay away from $100 if I can...
  12. Abouna

    FiiO E10 Version problems?

    I just picked up the E10 from Amazon.  I've only had few minutes to try it out but so far so good with my alessandros.  Maybe a little light on the low end (and I'm NOT a bass head).   I've noticed a few comments here and there about the headphone jack and and updated version.  Is this...
  13. Abouna

    ultimate ears superfi 3 replacement cables, help

    I'm trying to get replacement cables for my SuperFi 3s.  I hate the stock cables (I guess most people do, huh?).   I'm not too keen on spending more than $40 or so though.  Could someone direct me to a good replacement?  I tried finding the Westones that supposedly work but couldn't.  ...
  14. Abouna

    Iphone to EMU 0404: can it be done?

    I'd like to run my iphone through my 0404 external USB. Can it be done? How? My computer has serious latency issues that I cannot find, the drops are making it impossible to listen to music.
  15. Abouna

    Wireless IEMs: Hopeless?

    I've been waiting for some decent (not great, decent) wireless IEMs for a while. I thought sure with the 3Gs this would have come around by now. I realize BT isn't the best way to transmit music, but for anything active it sure would be nice.
  16. Abouna

    Ask Head-Fi: Iphone dock w/remote and audio out

    If you guys don't know of one I don't know who will! I'm sick of trying to find a dock with a remote so I can use my external speakers. I'm dissatisfied with the current batch of speaker docks, they are inferior do decent 2.0 speakers and overpriced. All I need is a remote, audio out and...
  17. Abouna

    How much higher do I need to go?

    OK, I've been thoroughly satisfied with my UE 3 IEMs for quite a while now. However, lately I'm wishing for a fuller sound. Frankly the signature is just about right for me, fairly neutral (a smidgen more on the low end would be OK). All things considered I'd rather sacrifice some low...
  18. Abouna

    Any Woodees users? iPhone specific.

    OK, I went to the dark side last week and picked up the 3Gs. Obviously I didn't buy it for music, but I can't see carrying my Zune also so... I love being able to answer the phone without pulling out my IEMs so now I'm searching for something with controls and a mic. My initial inclination...
  19. Abouna

    Anyone try the Whoomp! ?

    My father is satisfied with his Iphone buds (3Gs version) but can't get them to stay in (I've never been able to use buds either which is why I choose IEMs). Has anyone tried these Whoops? Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers
  20. Abouna

    SOLVED: <$75 4gb player

    I need to buy a couple cheaper but good mp3 players. I was gravitating toward a couple 4gb Zunes but don't really want to spend that much for this application. My only requirements: - Amazon must sell it as I need to use Prime - under $75, the closer to $50 the better These are for my...
  21. Abouna

    Best YES. PLUS progressive recommendations

    First, as I'm pretty new to most of the Yes stuff, I'd like to hear recommendations for what might be considered their best effort, excluding Yessongs and Close to the Edge. I've given both the latter a listen and am not overly impressed, they sound fairly tight and I'm a fan of the vocals but...
  22. Abouna

    Portable Amp/DAC to replace EMU 0404

    I've been using the EMU 0404 for several months now and frankly I have no complaints. The DAC does it's job and the on board amp is plenty fine for my MS-1s. However, I'm thinking it would be nice to have something that could be portable for rare occasions, take up less space and be able to...
  23. Abouna

    Amp for K501s, LD MK I or something else?

    I just sold my father's LD MT amp, too much gear for his liking. Now I'm looking for another desktop amp to drive his K501s to decent levels (he listens loud!). No more tubes for him. I need to spend $150 or less and am looking for desktop use mainly but am considering portables that can be...
  24. Abouna

    Tull fans, TAAB

    Just picked up and listened to Thick As a Brick Remastered. I was skeptical that it would be better than my circa 1989 CD but it is. The old version is very muddy comparatively. Just thought I give a heads up to TAAB fans.
  25. Abouna

    Best <$150 SS Amp to replace LDMT

    I'd like to pick up a Solid State amp for my father to replace his Little Dot Micro Tube. It's simply too cumbersome for him at his desk, he'd like something a bit more compact that will warm and drive his 501s. Any suggestions?