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  1. sonick

    Post a picture of an album you listen to most frequently.

    Additionally, you can dislike hip hop and rap, but you don't have to be a ****** about it.
  2. sonick

    Alternatives to (pointless) ipod touch?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wodgy I guess pointless is in the eye of the beholder. The iPod Touch has wifi internet browsing, wireless YouTube, a full programmable OS, an unbelievably cool touchscreen UI, and it's only 8mm thick. Pointless, yeah. Agree, I'm much more interested...
  3. sonick

    Alternatives to (pointless) ipod touch?

    What about Wifi? Only the Archos has that, and its a big ugly sunofabitch compared to the Touch.
  4. sonick

    Kanye West - Graduation

    Quote: Originally Posted by infinitesymphony Mostly because it completely rips off the far better original Daft Punk track, "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." KW's is positively boring in comparison. It doesn't even have that sweet vocoder synth solo! I am aware of that, but I...
  5. sonick

    *** Let's share our 2007 SONG OF THE YEAR ***

    Cool post SONGsanmanwah... I've always enjoyed reading interpretations of highly metaphorical/poetic songs. The songs are few and far between, and interpretations of them are even less so. It'd be interesting to read your take on all the songs off the new Shins album... Past Shins albums had...
  6. sonick

    Bands with Story Lines

    David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust The album presents the story of "Ziggy Stardust", a Martian who comes to earth to liberate humanity from banality. Ziggy Stardust is the definitive rock star, sexually promiscuous, wild in drug intake and with a message, ultimately, of peace and love; but he is...
  7. sonick

    DVD vs CD on ipod

    You misunderstand in thinking that DVD audio tracks (DTS/DD) are higher quality than CD. This is not the case, most DVD audio tracks (with exception to PCM) is lower in quality than CD.
  8. sonick

    Most recognizable Opening SECOND of any song?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Orcin Beatles - A Hard Day's Night The chord that gives away the song to anyone who has heard it once. Bingo. If you're talking about the actual first SECOND that sound occurs in the song, I think this would be one of the tops. I heard in the...
  9. sonick

    Looking for SMALL stylish speakers! Sounds spectacular for it's price ($76CDN from Built in amp, so no need to spend more on an external amp. Review:
  10. sonick

    MFSL Dark Side of the Moon CD

    Quote: Originally Posted by fc911c Last night I had fallen a sleep while Pink Floyd was on and was abruptly woken on next track, it scared the hell out of me, my poor heart LOL. That's a good thing Imagine the music as a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster that is flat, or only...
  11. sonick

    looking for singers with a unique voice

    Robert Smith - The Cure Antony and the Johnsons Regina Spektor Bob Dylan The christian dude from CREED
  12. sonick

    Recommended "bare essentials" dac/soundcard?

    Chaintech AV710 with its Wolfson DAC? Or were you looking for something higher end?
  13. sonick

    The White Stripes Icky Thump - New Stripes album impressions (Icky-Fi)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Rymer So there is! Weird that is should be miscredited though. Haven't heard the CD to compare, but I didn't notice any distortion on headphones, and absolutely the bass is absolutely MASSIVE. Sound like the Hoffman master? Yup... All copies of...
  14. sonick

    John Mayer Concert (Not what you think)

    His first few albums were pure pop in order to gain popularity and support from record labels... Continuum was definitely an evolution in his sound to the music he TRULY likes to play. I wouldn't be surprised if his future albums become more and more bluesey as the record labels give him the...
  15. sonick

    St. Vincent - Marry Me

    She opened for Arcade Fire in Vancouver... She was pretty good, I shall check out her album.
  16. sonick

    The White Stripes Icky Thump - New Stripes album impressions (Icky-Fi)

    With the Hoffman rip, I can stick it in my car and crank it up so the bass rivals any hip-hop/rap album... Imagine the look on people's faces when they first hear thumping from a distance, only to hear mariachi bands and bagpipes when they hear where the bass is coming from :-P
  17. sonick

    cd player w/ only analog outputs

    Quote: Originally Posted by lordearl haha I know -- just think humour by analogy is pretty weak. That wasn't intended to be humorous really... There really WAS a guy on the forum the past few days looking for an SACD player that required it not have CD capability.
  18. sonick

    Love & Mathematics - great lil Vancouver band

    Sweet, I'll definitely check out some local boys; maybe check out some local shows and support 'em
  19. sonick

    The most beautiful song.

    Quote: Originally Posted by jellojoe MBV's Somtimes, particularly in Lost in Translation. Oh god yes, good one! I'd also like to add: Des'ree: Kissing You (love theme to Romeo and Juliet)
  20. sonick

    which ipod docks have a real lineout?

    I believe the 'official' universal dock is a true line out, but is attenuated when the volume is lowered; so you are getting the true line out when the volume on the iPod is maxed when it is in the dock.
  21. sonick

    The most beautiful song.

    Sigur Ros - Staraflur (sp?) [Became my favourite Sigur Ros track after watching The Life Aquatic... amazing use of music in that last scene] The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever, In My Life Elliott Smith - Between The Bars, Miss Misery Cliche'd choices: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Led...
  22. sonick

    Looking for easy to use mp3 player for mother with poor eyesight - quick help

    Zen Stone or Zen Stone Plus with its nice bright OLED screen (albiet a bit small)
  23. sonick

    "Icky Thump" Unofficial Impressions/Thoughts thread

    Yes, I concur with Pm@c, the grittiness should come from the instruments and recording (e.g. overdriven guitar amp, analog tape noise, etc.) rather than from mastering itself. If you were IN THE ROOM listening to them while they were recording the song, you'd hear distorted guitar coming from...
  24. sonick

    Music to bring out the magic in my RS-2s?

    Find the DCC Steve Hoffman master of Blue by Joni Mitchell... was listening to it on my SR80's yesterday, beautiful.
  25. sonick

    Why RHCP mastered SO bad??

    in terms of CD mastering, BSSM and before was pretty good sounding. Californication, By the Way, and Stadium Arcadium are sh!te. The vinyl version of Stadium Arcadium mastered by Steve Hoffman, however, is amazing/