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  1. strogg

    Noise problem from 1212m

    FOR CLIFFS VERSION, LOOK AT POST #4 Ok... i'm going to say this now: i have NO idea where to post this. it has to do with, well, all sorts of stuff. this is the closest thing i can think of. anyway, i have a 1212m on my computer, which is incidentally hooked up to a comcast box (for aux...
  2. strogg

    MF A3.5-esque cd player or a dac?

    I've recently auditioned the musical fidelity a3.5 cd player and am very much in love with it. the bass is nice and tight, the mids are lucious, and the highs are nothing harsh, perfectly smooth unfortunately, it costs $900 so i was wondering, is there a cd player out there for around $500 tops...
  3. strogg

    Should i get a voltage regulator?

    the power here is extremely fluctuative... like, the lights even kinda dim out a little every so often. and i highly doubt it's going to improve at all. now, i don't care about audio quality, but i'd like to keep all my stuff alive for as long as possible so yeah, should i? btw, what...
  4. strogg

    Where to buy blackgate nx's

    I'm just curious where you guys buy your blackgates. i found a couple distributors while searching on the web, but i'd rather like to find a reputable dealer than to just pick a random one and hope it comes. thanks.
  5. strogg

    Artists like Ben Folds...

    um... what comes close to the flare and the piano-istic style of ben folds anyhow? I'm just wondering cuz i can't stop listening to ben folds live right now. i'm sure i'm going to buy some ben folds five cd's, but i'd also like to dump money on others like him. so... anyone? Thanks!
  6. strogg

    crazy parachuter note the skateboard
  7. strogg

    Is linux really worth it?

    I'm seriously pissed off right now that EMU doesn't support linux drivers, and i've been wanting to go the linux route for ages. So i'm considering selling my 0404 and getting something with just-as-decent analog outs and possibly something with good digital outs. using the search feature...
  8. strogg

    K501 cable upgrade

    I've been hearing people upgrading their k501's with some sennheiser cables, but this is all i got out of it from searching the forums and online: soldering straight into drivers is necessary so um... my questions: how is it done without breaking the headphones? are there any...
  9. strogg

    zen touch hard drive

    is it possible to replace the hard drive inside the zen touch with a larger laptop drive like you can do with the zen xtra?
  10. strogg

    Attenuating the source

    I have a source with a line-out that's waaaaay too loud for my headphones. it has no volume control, and i can't use aux in on the m-audio transit for obvious reasons. Is there anything i can use in-line to attenuate the sound so it can safely drive my a900's? will one of those rat shack...
  11. strogg

    one last foobar question...

    ... is there a text-out plugin for foobar that acts like this:
  12. strogg

    foobar search

    here's a silly question: Is there a way to configure the foobar search function to be nearly identical to the winamp one? or better yet, is there a way to configure any of it in the first place?
  13. strogg

    The HP "Carlypod" (dunno its real name)

    Anyone looking forward or know more info on this: it's supposed to have Ipod internals, so i'm looking forward to at least seeing it.
  14. strogg

    How many of you can relate to this....

    You have this cool hairdo that makes you look great, but after wearing headphones for a while, you get the dreaded Headphone-hair!!!!! ARGH!!!! The a900's make my hair look... wrong. imagine a couple patches of hair on each side of the top of a head completely flattened while the rest of the...
  15. strogg

    Where to get A900's

    The A900's look like a very good deal for me, wanting a good pair of closed headphones on the cheap, but the only place i can find it is at Audiocubes. I was wondering where else sells the headphones, hopefully for cheaper. Thanks.
  16. strogg

    Secret Service type earphone review

    I figured I'll put this review here not because the earphone is really hi-fi (it's the antithesis, actually), but because it might amuse you guys. So here goes: Company: Otto Communications Name: Earphone Kit (Surveillance Accessory) Website...
  17. strogg

    Convert ogg -> atrac3

    I'm assuming this type of post goes here... I'm always bad at picking the right forum to post things:-p anyway, is there a simple way to convert an ogg file (and might as well throw in mp3 while i'm at it) to atrac3 (lp2) so i can put it in my md player?