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  1. shiorisekine

    Tea Enthusiasts, Come talk about your favorite tea

    Are there any Tea lovers out here on head-fi. I currently have Malana from Lupicia which is a light chocolate and Macadamia nut black tea. The cocoa powder isnt very strong but the Macadamia is so it taste pretty excellent. Caramel and Rum from Lupicia, It is a Rooibos tea, but it has been...
  2. shiorisekine

    Noble PR Impressions Thread

    NOBLE PR Intro: The Noble PR is one of Noble's newest set of universal IEMs, which have a cool feature that allows for you to switch between two "modes". The PR is the reference model of the new line up, the P stands for Pure, meaning it is the ultimate reference sound. "Transparent, detailed...
  3. shiorisekine

    PlusSound Cloud9, The portable newcomer first impressions and review

    Considering this amp just came out I thought I would start up a first impressions thread for everyone that would like to post up what they thought about this awesome looking amp. I will post up my impressions in the morning and post some pictures.
  4. shiorisekine

    Dota 2 and it's insane Prize pool

    I am wondering how many head-fiers are also Dota 2 players and are amazed by the prize pool for this years international. So far it's almost at 8.7 million. Do you guys think it will hit 10mil by July?
  5. shiorisekine

    Mini Meet LA locals Intrest thread Between April 20th and Mid-May.

    I am trying to help out a friend (a manufacturer) who wants to do a meet in LA and he is trying to find out how many local LA head-fiers there are so he can set it up. He wants to do it sometime between 4/20 and mid may. So if you guys could help me out and let me know who would be willing to...
  6. shiorisekine


    Anyone here into trading card games, like Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, or pokemon? I am an avid yu-gi-oh duelist and I just recently got into playing magic both games are really different but are quite fun. Anyone want to discuss decks or for the Yugioh players we can even duel on
  7. shiorisekine

    TekNMotion London Undergrounds Review (The Audiophile world's best kept secret under 60$. )

    TekNMotion London Undergrounds (The Audiophile world's best kept secret under 60$. ) Introduction When I first listened to this headphone it was a prototype back in August of 2012. The people from the TekNmotion booth at the L.A. Head-Fi Meet were explaining to me how they wanted to build...
  8. shiorisekine

    Barbershop Quartet music. And headphone.

    Can anyone tell me some good Barbershop music artist? Also what would be the right kind of headphone to use with this kind of music?
  9. shiorisekine

    Upgrade from K701's.

    I want to upgrade from my K701's and K550's however I wanted to know where to upgrade to. I want the HD800 but i want to know if there is a headphone in between the HD800 and the K701.    Thanks Shiori
  10. shiorisekine

    What headphones are these?

    Friend posted this pic and I was wondering what headphones are these. They look like a closed back stax/beyer hybrid. Anyone know?
  11. shiorisekine

    Interest Thread LA meet 2013 2 Day meet . "International Headphone Extravaganza" First Annual

    Hi,     I am setting up a meet in LA for next year. The date will be either during spring break or after the summer begins. I would like to get the Hilton at LAX like purrin had, however if there is a huge turn out then we might have to get a bigger venue.    Vendors: Please contact me...
  12. shiorisekine

    XB-1000 Removable cable mod?

    Does anyone know how to make the cable on the XB-1000's. And if so how much would it cost to get them removable.
  13. shiorisekine

    Pipe and tobacco-fi (a gentleman's hobby)

    Hey guys, i have recently got into this hobby. I will be buying this pipe within the next few weeks:, i was wondering if there were any head-fiers out there that like to relax with both their headphones their pipes at the same time or separate. I would...
  14. shiorisekine

    Headphones to buy for graduation.

    So graduation is around the corner and I am going to be getting money from my family. I am thinking about buying a Valhalla and maybe a new pair of headphones. If I do and have like an extra 700+ dollars to just throw around. I am going to get the T90s but the likelyhood that, that will happen...
  15. shiorisekine

    Audiophile club

    I made an Audiophile club at school and our first meeting is one Wednesday. I was wondering what i should teach the people that show up. Any ideas?
  16. shiorisekine

    What field of Electrical Engineering do i do?

    I want to do somethings in the audio world and work for hopefully a big headphone company or create my own headphone company or amp company. So i am going into college next year and i was wondering what Field of engineering i have to go into in order to achieve this, I know this may seem like a...
  17. shiorisekine

    Need advice on new pair of headphones

    I want to know your guys opinion on whether I should get the AKG K240s, the K141s MKII or another AKG set of headphones under 200.