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  1. haquocdung

    Burson audio

    Hi guys,  I am thinking of buying the Burson  Audio 160D Amp/Preamp/DAC, because of the following reasons: 1. They can drive many headphones from very sensitive HP (Denon D7k, Fostex T90) or very high impedance HP (Beyer T1, HD800 and Audeze) with ease, so I wont have to worry about buying...
  2. haquocdung

    Amp/dac combo for Sennheiser HD650 at a decent price?

    Hi all,   I bought the Sennheiser HD650 several days ago. I am searching for an amp that would not burn my pocket but can decently drive the HD650 and LCD2.2 in the future. I love simple products, therefore, my ideal would be a small desktop amp/dac combo. My budget is flexible, but I...
  3. haquocdung

    Need suggestion for my new headphone set up

      Hey guys,   So I am here to look for a hi-end experience.     I want to upgrade my current set up as follow: Creative SB Audigy --> Pioneer HDJ 2000   I want to buy a new headphone & an amp & Dac interngrated. Even though this set up will be on my desk all the time, but I prefer...