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  1. jocar37

    Does anyone make a retracting spool for headphone cables?

    Yeah. I use them on a lot of things. I didn't like the for this. The total length with the extension is just too much. Maybe it's my short attention span, but I tried a second tie, and it was just tedious, and still a little sloppy looking. I agree it would have to be a light tension. But...
  2. jocar37

    Disintegrating Grado earpads

    Excuse my ignorance, but would you mind explaining "Sock Mod?"i I found a reference to a Grado sock mod citing a thread on But: 1. It seems that is defunct and that the thread that actually explains how to do it is inaccessible; and 2. comments I did find about...
  3. jocar37

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    you're right! that detail escaped me. however, I did read that the SDXC format allows 2TB capacity, and that a company called Microdia announced plans to market a 512GB microSD last year (for $1000!!).  Doesn't look however like it's available yet .  But it's only a matter of time... and money.
  4. jocar37

    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Saoshyant - Thanks for your reply, but I don't understand anything you said.  I have an iPod Classic, but never heard of an iPod Video. I don't know how msata would be used by an iPod.  My Classic is 160Gb, but it's fixed storage.   so back to my original question.  Has anyone tried SD cards...
  5. jocar37

    XRCD to FLAC, any loss in quality?

    I'm also interested in ripping XRCDs. There is something about the sonic signature of a good XRCD that I like better than any other format I've listened to. The ripped files will be used through a hard drive, attached vis usb or networked to, my main sound system. My question is what format...
  6. jocar37

    Grado SR225 Thread

    Took a little poking around, but I did find some specs.  Thanks mcandmar.
  7. jocar37

    Marantz HD-DAC1

    Has anyone who owns or has at least heard the Marantz HD-DAC1 also listened to the Denon DA-300USB?
  8. jocar37

    New Denon DA-300USB DSD DAC with headphone amplifier

    Has anyone who owns or has at least heard the DA-300USB also listened to the Marantz HD-DAC1?  
  9. jocar37

    Recommendation needed for LCD-3 DAC/amp

    If I understand you correctly, genre may be a consideration only in your choice of headphones.  Hadn't seen that articulated so plainly before. Makes sense now that I think about it.  The speakers/phones are what translate electrical signal into music. The rest of the path isn't making music per...
  10. jocar37

    Recommendation needed for LCD-3 DAC/amp

    A few months ago I bought my first DAC/amp, a Zero, so I could listen to my tunes through my Oppo BDP103 or Squeezebox Touch in my living room without disturbing my wife. Of course, that provoked my desire to explore more and better equipment. I just bought a pair for LCD-3's and know I'm going...
  11. jocar37

    Review: ZERO 24 BIT/192KHz DAC/Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp

    After reading the first several pages of this thread, I bought a Zero.  It arrived last week (about 3 days after my order - from China!). When it arrived, I hooked it up to my PC via the USB port to burn it in.  This is my first dac/headphone amp, but it sounded great to me out of the box...
  12. jocar37

    DAC/Amp for connecting Oppo BDP-103 to Grado SR225s.

    By "systems more in line with mine," I didn't necessarily mean Oppo-based systems. Just not computer/iPod systems. At the same time,being a newbie, I'm open to explanations as to why a DAC/amp combo that drives a computer/iPod system would work equally well in mine. But I'd appreciate...
  13. jocar37

    Some amp advice for a new member please.

    Hello All -   I'm a brand new member here.  I have what I’d consider an above-average sound system, but hardly what many members here would consider truly audiophile. I do have a pretty good ear, however, as I have been playing jazz piano for over 40 years (and trumpet now for about 8).   My...
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