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    Calling all RUSH fans!

    What's very interesting about rush is there shifting phases. Departing from moving pictures there is a clear new sound to there music in signals. The began to incorporate significantly more keyboard work into there music, much to Alex's dismay. I would say the somewhat more digital sound years...
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    Flawless albums

    If it hasn't been said a million times before, it hasn't been said enough: Journey's Escape....and Frontiers for that matter.
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    I've been beating on stuff since the first grade.   Now a days I have a sexy 5 piece Tama Starclassic Birch-Bubinga kit. Oh man is she beautiful. Both in the way she sounds and the way she looks. She's a limited edition only 25 ever made.   Now stick a DW7000 bas pedal on her and that...
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    cover song that works!

    I feel like i may be one of the few who actually likes Aliens Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal...   But then again, I suppose I enjoy the catchyness of pop with the hard edge of rock.   For example Silverstein's rendition of Apologize is far more appealing to me than One Republic's.
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    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 or Shure SRH840 ?

    I would take the 840 myself. I've had my pair for a while now and can attest to its gr4eat build. I know I had the chance to audition the m50 at6 a fairly recent audio event. To me, the M50 just felt cheaply built. The Shure, despite the draw-back of the weight makes up for itself with an...
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    Reply to review by 'thecansmancan' on item 'Sennheiser Orpheus HE-90 '

    Just out of curiosity, which set up do you think is the best of the headphones you tested? As in all around, price to performance, which do you prefer in the headphone world? Thanks.
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    Phiaton Giveaway Contest! All New Bridge MS 500 Headphones!

    I'm all in! I love my Ms 300, I'd love a 500. Thanks for putting this on.
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    Reply to review by 'thecansmancan' on item 'VSONIC GR04 Flagship Pro Audiophile Earphones'

    they are anywhere from $50 to $100 depending on where you get them
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    Any info on the PSB M4U 1?

    Oh so what my answer wasn't good enough 
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    Atomic Schiit! World's First Portable Amp With 15 Million Year Battery Life!

    Seriously though, I would love to see a truly portable amp from Shiit. I mean I'm looking to make the Modi go mobile  here pretty soon (thats a longgggggg story) but i would love to try an all out amp/dac something similar to FiiO's products. How's 'bout it Shiit? Can we expect to see any such...
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    O2 AMP + ODAC

    Quote: Agreed, there is a lot of headphone jargon you have to wade through on here. Don't let it weight you down. Let us not forget, its all about the music and unless something is preventing you from enjoying it well then its and old case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."
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    Atomic Schiit! World's First Portable Amp With 15 Million Year Battery Life!

    Quote: Oh, of course! Psh what was I thinking ever doubting them....
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    Where do you get your music?

    Quote: Many thanks. Lets just hope it all works. It seems I'm with that crowd working to push the envelope on USB audio out in portable devices, and as it is i may have to bend some software to get what i want out of it....ah well, tiz the beauty of Head Fi right:going to insane lengths to...
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    I'm shopping for headphones/headsets and could really use some help

    Hey, I'd like to throw the SRH840 into this lot. Good soundstage for a closed back. Easy to drive, and some of the best sq for the price. Relative neutrality with a touch of midrange emphasis, truly the shure house sound. Good for mastering. Maybe just a bit about your price at $150 but worth it...
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    Best headphones for iPhone (low impedance) - recommend me plz?

    Quote: Im not a huge fan of the m50 sq wise. It felt a bit to warm for me in comparison to the srh840. As well its build quality was just a bit sub par in my opinion. Granted i only had a brief session with it, but it didn't leave me impressed.
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    Best headphones for iPhone (low impedance) - recommend me plz?

    I'd say the srh840 not might be too bad. Big yes, but foldable and certainly doable. 32 ohms of impedance make it fairly easy to drive. Very nice midrange especially. Generally fairly neutral...more or less. Good bang for the buck.   Um the MS300 is pretty great IMO for rock. Aggressive and...
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    Help With Portable Set-Up

    Well I'll be honest I'm not particularly familiar with Grado, but I can give you some general pointers.   Much of the community considers the O2 or Objective 2 as the beast portable/transportable amp for the money. It was designed by a man whos name shall not be mentioned for fear of...
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    Where do you get your music?

    Personally I like CD's. I got ticked at itunes. And yeah, I'll be honest, i Can't tell the difference between 246 bit rate and ALAC. But my thing is, it just doesn't move the way i want it. As in It's not easy to manipulate. Hence, I've started buying all my music on CD's so I have hard back...
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    Carot one Fabriziolo - small Tube amp.

    So, I did some more snooping around head fi. I managed to dig up a thread on the muse. It seems that (according to one person) it has some serious sound floor issues. They noted humming, ripples, and all sorts of issues. But they also seemed to be having trouble with the adapter. in fact, when...
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    Carot one Fabriziolo - small Tube amp.

    Hey all. So I was having a little Sunday fun romping around eBay when all of a sudden i stumbled upon the carot amp. Looking at it, I though "well thats quite nice. I wouldn't mind having one of those, but i think it's just a touch overpriced." So I continued on looking and stumbled upon...
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    Free review chance !! DUNU Detonator DN-22M ingite your passion for music life

          This is my massive LG Spectrum. The screen size works great for movie's and the like. As well, I spend an hour daily commuting on a bus so these would really get a solid test in every aspect. I currently run a couple review pages around the net. In fact, I have a whole YouTube...
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    Any info on the PSB M4U 1?

    Quote: Haha hey bud. Yeah I know a little bit. I actually had a pretty long conversation with a guy at Crutchfield about them. Thats actually one of the few places you can actually find them. Anyway, the guy i talked to had used them both. He said, basically, that the two headphones had the...
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    Schiit Owners Unite

    Hey everyone, so I have a question. Now the new Modi. Those stats, and that price, WOW. Just, wow. But I'm curious have any of you encountered another DAC at the price that can match the stats and performance of the Modi?   I know there's the ODAC and the MSII but they both seem to retail...
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    What Shure headset should i choose? srh940 vs. srh840 vs. srh440

    +1 on the SRH 840. For the price, you won't find a better can, or at least i haven't...I love that shure sound, that subtle midrange bump. Guitars just never get old.