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  1. steffi

    Are Thread subscriptions work? I stopped receiving emails.

    No longer receiving any thread subscription messages. Is there an issue?
  2. steffi

    Ripping CDs on a Mac?

    Is there a tool of choice on the the Mac to get the best audio quality from CD?
  3. steffi

    Where in Chicago can you get silicone impressions?

    Anybody know where you can get an impression for custom IEMs in Chicago?
  4. steffi

    Who's making iphone headphone adapters?

    Is Shure the only option we have or some enterprising indivdual making something here?
  5. steffi

    First Gen Etymotic owners should read.

    So I have the first generation Ety ER-4P's with the highly microphobic cabling. Anyway I rang up Etymotic and for $50 they will swap out the cable for the newer braided design which is suppose to be a lot less microphobic so that's pretty reasonable of them.