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  1. xSnowmaNx

    My Audio Technica A500 Experience!

    It's amazing to me how these headphones sound better the longer I use it.
  2. xSnowmaNx

    My Audio Technica A500 Experience!

    Firstly, let me start off by saying that my decision to buy A500's have been almost a year in the making. I first came here about a year ago inquiring about gaming headphones and learned a lot. And today, here I am with my A500's. Big kudos out to AudioCubes. I wasn't too sure what to expect...
  3. xSnowmaNx

    Thrustmaster T510's... To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Sounds like they aren't worth it, eh? Well, I can't really go with any thing else than something that can give me Dolby Headphone, other than just plain stereo. Is there any other similar device that can do what the T510 claims it does?
  4. xSnowmaNx

    Good gaming headphones? Great sound positioning a must!

    I am almost sure I will buy Audio Technica A900's at this point in time. I would have bought them already but the problem is finding a place to buy them! There are a few problems: Firstly, is just the lack of retailers. I have only found 2 retailers of which sell the A900's, one for $199.00...
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