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  1. defsquad

    Replacing broken Westone UM Pro30's with new UM Pro30 ($299.99) or go for 1964ears/64audio Adel U3 ($499.99)?

    Hi all,   I'm in a huge dilemma here.   TL;DR:  Westone UM Pro30 at a Westone-provided discount for $299.99, 1964ears U3 at $499.99? (seriously stretching the budget at $499.99 to get that ADEL tech). I've also already spent a little extra on a new cable for the UM Pro30 that broke (the...
  2. defsquad

    Decisions on whether or not to replace CF modded Ipod Mini

    I'm at a total cross roads here. It's not that I'm dying for more space out of my 32gb CF modded ipod mini, I think it's that I know that as far as features and functionality is concerned, the installation of Rockbox is about the only thing you can do with this thing. I also miss having album...
  3. defsquad

    Bitten by the bug.. Upgrade from Vibes?

    So, I guess you can say I've been bitten by the head-fi bug. I bought my Vibes based on regular consumer reviews, and also because it was readily purchaseable (is that even a word?) at my local Apple Store some 6-8mos ago. I realize that there are better IEM's out there (and hopefully better...