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  1. mkmelt

    Does a sub $300 Receiver with a good headphone out exist?

    As with any audio system components such as loudspeakers and headphones the quality of the sound has alot to do with the synergy among the various components used in the system. The vintage integrated amplifiers and receivers are often a terrific value and can offer some very fine sound with...
  2. mkmelt

    Marantz 1060 Headphone Output

    I have been a champion of the Marantz 1060 as a headphone amplifier ever since I began experimenting with various headphone and amplifier combinations in 2002. The Marantz 1060 pairs up well with high impedance phones such as the Senn HD-580, 600, 650. The results with low impedance phones will...
  3. mkmelt

    What are vintage amps comparable to?

    Noise and distortion are separate artifacts. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)of 0.9% is inaudible under most any music listening scenario. As this is the maximum allowable THD that Marantz spec'd for the 2215 at rated power (15 watts RMS per channel) the actual distortion level at typical power...
  4. mkmelt

    Measuring Impedance for Dummies!

    Essentially what you want to do is take the same measurement used to determine the source impedance of an amplifier. This in turn can be used to determine the damping factor of the amplifier, however it is only correct for the specific frequency used in the test. The following post describes...
  5. mkmelt

    Vintage Integrated Amps or Receivers are lost gems.

    Often there is very good synergy between the higher impedance headphones and a vintage amplifier/receiver, however, some prefer to listen to low impedance phones connected to older audio gear. So it is a good idea to audition your chosen headphones with the specific vintage amplifier you are...
  6. mkmelt

    ASL MG Head OTL MKII For Senn HD580's?

    The MG Head is a good match for use with HD-580 headphones. There is a ton of information on this unit in the Amplification forum. Just search for 'MG Head'. The MG Head will draw you into tube rolling, where changing either the single driver tube and/or the pair of output tubes will noticably...
  7. mkmelt

    Anyone has experience with the Pioneer SX-828?

    I have no personal experience with the Pioneer model, top of the line in its day, but there are some good postings at Audio Asylum, such as this one.
  8. mkmelt

    Recommended Senn model for sampling the Senn sound?

    I'm surprised no one has suggested the HD-497. These have the signature Senn sound, can be driven by most personal music player without an additional amplifier, and sell online for way under the $70 suggested retail price.
  9. mkmelt

    Silly Question: Use of a high quality guitar tube amp.

    The sound signature of a tube guitar amplifier aside, you need a two-channel amplifier (stereo) for headphone listening. A single guitar amplifier will not provide the two separate amplifier channels necessary for stereo listening.
  10. mkmelt

    RA-1 v. HPA-1

    I recall hearing Hirsch's RA-1 and HPA-1 amplifiers. The HPA-1 was noticably smoother sounding than the RA-1. But just as important, the sound of both of these amplifiers is degraded when you use the external power supply. The quality of the sound improved when running on battery power.
  11. mkmelt

    MG Head DT too Bright!

    I would reserve judging the MG Head DT until you have the headphones you intend to use with the amplifier most if not all of the time. The HD-580 or HD-600 would both be a good choice for use with the MG Head DT. Take the money you'll save vs. buying the HD-650 and buy some better tubes and...
  12. mkmelt

    Jethro Tull "Stand Up" digit.remaster, when labels have to sell they invent anything

    Just a nit, but Jethro Tull's Stand Up was originally released in 1969, not 1970. The album titled Benefit was released in 1970. The original vinyl release would be a good way to go, but don't overlook the Mobile Fidelity CD remaster. I also enjoy listening to Stand Up on commercial reel to reel...
  13. mkmelt

    Distortion on a Marantz receiver

    Try hooking the CD changer's analog output to the AUX input on the Marantz to see if the sound is distorted. If it sounds distorted too it may be that your Marantz receiver was not designed to accept a line level signal greater than 1 volt, while your CD changer and/or your MD player may be 2...
  14. mkmelt

    Amplification "Virgin" Question :)

    You can connect the output of your current Rotel amplifier to your newly acquired HD-600 headphones without fear of instantly causing damage to either the amplifier or the headphones. You will need to build a switch box that includes a 1/4" stereo headphone jack as well as input connectors from...
  15. mkmelt

    NAD vs vintage Marantz for HD 600s and speakers

    Actually a piece of Sansui equipment is the first amplifier I ever purchased. My AU-5900 is still working fine after 28 years. It may just have been for the cool retro look of the silver knobs with black faceplate, but a Sansui AU-7900 integrated amplifier was featured as a prop in the John...
  16. mkmelt

    NAD vs vintage Marantz for HD 600s and speakers

    Man do you have a lot of questions. Q: One thing I'm really like to know, though, is just how much better an integrated amplifier would sound than a receiver at the same price for these models. A: The integrated amplifier probably won't sound any better, but it might be a bit quieter than...
  17. mkmelt

    Overlooked albums that are better than more famous ones by the same artists

    Genesis - Selling England By The Pound is often overshadowed by The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. The title song of Lamb is very good, but Selling England By The Pound is the better album. Al Stewart - Past, Present, & Future. This 1973 release predates The Year Of The Cat by several years...
  18. mkmelt

    Marantz 2226B Graphic Equalizer Help

    You won't short anything. On the later Marantz units the need for the external jumpers was eliminated due to a modification of the RCA jacks that provides an internal connection that is controlled by whether an RCA plug is inserted into the pre-out and main-in jacks. When you plug in the...
  19. mkmelt

    Marantz 2226B Graphic Equalizer Help

    The preamp-out and main-in jacks will work when you plug in the equalizer. Try it and you will see.
  20. mkmelt

    Do receivers work as amps?

    amplifier and preamplifier in one chassis = integrated amplifier integrated amplifier and tuner in one chassis = receiver
  21. mkmelt

    Do receivers work as amps?

    A list of vintage amplifiers and receivers is not much use unless it also specifies some headphones that are a good match. You can learn what others think of the sound of their vintage receivers and amplifiers with various brands and models of headphones by just searching this forum. Search for...
  22. mkmelt

    Late 60's Psychedelic Rock: recommendations?

    Blows Against The Empire is one of my favorite albums. The title is an abbreviation of a quote, "It's a fresh wind that blows against the empire". Jefferson Starship - Blows Against the Empire was conceived by Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane. It features a cast of California musicians...
  23. mkmelt

    Late 60's Psychedelic Rock: recommendations?

    The earliest albums by the Grateful Dead are not their most accessible. If you want to experience the Dead at their best (my opinion), you need only listen to the following: Workingman's Dead (Studio album, second only to American Beauty) American Beauty (Studio album, their best studio...
  24. mkmelt

    Late 60's Psychedelic Rock: recommendations?

    Moby Grape was a San Francisco band that was created by Skip Spence, the original and versatile drummer for the Jefferson Airplane. Skip left the Airplane (the story is that he was fired for missing too many rehearsals), and formed Moby Grape where he was their lead guitar player. On a technical...
  25. mkmelt

    Newbie questions on HD580s and finding the right amp

    If you search this forum for "vintage" or brands such as Fisher, Marantz, Yamaha, Luxman, Pioneer, Technics you will find various opinions on how well these older components perform with different current production headphones.