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  1. defsquad

    1964 Ears Adel IEMs

    Heh, I just decided, well maybe I'll just get universals instead, and saw that they have a 3+ week wait time too. :( Apparently 64audio/1964ears is super popular now :)
  2. defsquad

    Replacing broken Westone UM Pro30's with new UM Pro30 ($299.99) or go for 1964ears/64audio Adel U3 ($499.99)?

    Hi all,   I'm in a huge dilemma here.   TL;DR:  Westone UM Pro30 at a Westone-provided discount for $299.99, 1964ears U3 at $499.99? (seriously stretching the budget at $499.99 to get that ADEL tech). I've also already spent a little extra on a new cable for the UM Pro30 that broke (the...
  3. defsquad

    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    Wanted to give more props to these IEMs, as they are my first headphones of any 'type' with non-memory cables, and i flippin' love not dealing with tangled or permanently twisted cables. Oh and I'm continually blown away at the sound quality and isolation I'm getting from these UM Pro 30s.
  4. defsquad

    Westone UM PRO Series Thread

    So, I just got my UM Pro 30's from a fellow Head-Fi'er and am so excited. They sound phenomenal and couldn't be happier. My only comparisons so far are with Klipsch X10's and Shure 840's, and without a doubt, I prefer the UM30's so far.
  5. defsquad

    Klipsch Image X10

    So I just received my X10s, and .. my mind and ears are just blown!    I'm so thoroughly impressed! Listening to them straight through my MBP retina's audio out jack via Mog 320kbit stream (Punch Brothers album "Punch"). I did order some Comply Tx100's with them and have one in one of the...
  6. defsquad

    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    Back in the market for some IEMs or some good sound isolating over or on-the-ear headphones.    Music I listen to: 65% - Downtempo, trip-hop, hip-hop (lots of Christian hip-hop, mixed with Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Tosca, Portishead, RJD2, Diplo, Kruder & Dorfmeister) 35% -...
  7. defsquad

    Convert wired headphones to bluetooth

    What's your battery life been for the Fiio and Samsung devices?   I was thinking about doing something similar, but would love to get a full 8-12 hours of battery life each day (using them mainly in the office working)
  8. defsquad

    E-mu 0202 with Snow Leopard .. getting cpu/hd chatter?

    I think I finally got everything under control. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Ended up following the post on m-audio's forums that Ham Sandwich linked, and also downloaded a demo of an app called AudioMulch and set the ASIO buffer to as high as it'd go. I had some processes going that used...
  9. defsquad

    E-mu 0202 with Snow Leopard .. getting cpu/hd chatter?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Currawong ...which applies to an Apple computer, not one that wasn't designed to run Mac OS X. In my experience, cheap USB audio interfaces pick up a lot of noise. More expensive ones don't. There is nothing "elitist" about chastising someone for causing...
  10. defsquad

    Snow Leopard and E-MU 0404 USB compatibility?

    bump.. any updates on compatibility?
  11. defsquad

    Need to know good m-audio studiophile av40 replacements

    Quote: Originally Posted by silverwolf0 I've been using the M-audio av40 for about six months or so and am quite sure right now that I don't really like them. The audio may be clean or reference-level in its details, but I am not liking that the sound isn't punchy at all, the bass is...
  12. defsquad

    Yuin PK3 Impressions Thread

    so, i hate to bring an old thread back, but WOW, i just got my PK3's in the mail from Head-Direct, and OMG, they blow my audio technica ath-ck7's out of the water! the sound is just so much fuller, i had no idea what i was missing. i have no way to explain it, other than i was just blown away...
  13. defsquad

    Just RockBoxed my 5G Ipod Video!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by edart I got 8 hours music out of my ipod yesterday and still had 30% left on my battery. I was not listening to it for the whole time as I forgot to switch it off when I came in and it was still playing a few hours later. now that's good news. i was...
  14. defsquad

    iPod Mini, Line out, portable amp, cf card mod?

    yeah, i'm kinda curious about this too. i'm with you on this ben; i've currently already got a CF modded ipod mini, and am wondering what my best options are for the best sound quality from this thing. unlike you though, i was hoping to not have to amp it, but it looks like that's the only...
  15. defsquad

    Decisions on whether or not to replace CF modded Ipod Mini

    I'm at a total cross roads here. It's not that I'm dying for more space out of my 32gb CF modded ipod mini, I think it's that I know that as far as features and functionality is concerned, the installation of Rockbox is about the only thing you can do with this thing. I also miss having album...
  16. defsquad

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    can any of you confirm if you've found on the net where a 1st gen ipod mini is good for doing the CF mod? specifically a 4gb 1st gen model? doh! found my answer after searching one more time. yes the one on geek technique is a first gen, however the 2nd gens have the better battery life...
  17. defsquad

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    well, after getting my broken mini in, and getting the extra battery in (cf card coming from newegg will be in tomorrow), i decided to go ahead and open her up. bah the f'n plug going from the click wheel to the ipod's guts is all broken. *sigh* i guess whats why it was 35bucks shipped...
  18. defsquad

    ATH-CK7 VS. MylarOne X3i

    count me among the undecisive.. before seeing this post, i started this one: i'm pretty sure i'm just going to get the ck7's, 'sides, i'll be amping it with my first amp (a penguinamp), and i have heard that the bass is quite sufficient...
  19. defsquad

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    wow, this could indeed be the best audio-only DAP mod going. (will probably get shot for saying that); but to have the imod functionality on the ipod mini, along with rockbox, a better/longer battery, and higher hd space as flash memory; that'd be dope. how's going to figure out how to put a...
  20. defsquad

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    gah, firewall content filters! i can't get to ebay to check on ipod minis :/ i read where transcend is coming out with a 133x 32gb cf card in the near future, plus supposedly by spring 64gb cf cards are going to be more of a reality. i'm really curious to see how a mini sounds with my...
  21. defsquad

    Cheapest 16GB ogg-enabled player

    thanks germania, that's just what i wanted to hear. hmm, came across this thread about the mini's sq.. ipod mini SQ with rockbox - Hydrogenaudio Forums interesting the negative thoughts about the mini (yes i know most people dislike the ipods' sq over say a cowon player). anyway, i'd love...
  22. defsquad

    My 32GB Flash IPod Mini

    thanks for the writeup pony, and for answering my questions. i think i'm going to sell my 5.5 80gig video and go with this setup. 32gig should be enough for all flac audio, 'sides i don't listen to all the music i have on this 80gig anyway.
  23. defsquad

    Cheapest 16GB ogg-enabled player

    that's awesome pony, i read through geektechnique's multiple diy mods to the ipod mini (and his soon to be done, i hope, 4g ata->cf adapter mod). i don't know much about the mini's in terms of their sq and general stats say compared to the 4g or a 5.5g video; with the size being what it is...
  24. defsquad

    Cheapest 16GB ogg-enabled player

    Quote: Originally Posted by PouncePony I have an IPod mini on the way (eBay purchase, $50 total). I have a 32GB compact flash card in hand (paid $135). I also have a high capacity battery for the mini on the way ($5 total). After I get it all together and RockBox it, I should have a...
  25. defsquad

    Bitten by the bug.. Upgrade from Vibes?

    So, I guess you can say I've been bitten by the head-fi bug. I bought my Vibes based on regular consumer reviews, and also because it was readily purchaseable (is that even a word?) at my local Apple Store some 6-8mos ago. I realize that there are better IEM's out there (and hopefully better...