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  1. nuke350

    Westone W60 Impressions Thread

    Westone W60 Gen 2 hit new low: $399 + free s/h from Adorama. Just pull trigger as impulse buy, not even sure if i need them, meh:)
  2. nuke350

    Cowon Plenue R - All Round Player

    I had same issue and realized that DAP was set to EU region with capped volume. All you need is delete DAP "SYSTEM" folder from you laptop, restart DAP and choose nonEU region. Hope this will help!
  3. nuke350

    Any interest in doing a local head-fi small gathering in SF?

    I've recently got some new gear and would love to mix and match it with some other folks gear for fun and just sit down and have some good audiophile type discussions. I am not talking about an event, but rather anyone who wants to come out (even to my house) and just listen and chat.
  4. nuke350

    Wide Bore vs Narrow Bore Ear Tips for IEM's

    I think it more personal choice, especially with games. I use to play a lot FPS games and for me the most important was sound isolation from outside world and space awareness inside the game. It have to be also very comfortable and not distracting you during mission, the worst is when you need...
  5. nuke350

    Ultimate Ears UE Pro Reference Remastered! (UERR)

    I still listening to my UE-10 and a year ago i did re-shell them and with upgraded silver cable i am not sure if i need change them.
  6. nuke350

    Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

    I totally agree with you. Planars are different beasts and for me personally it took some time to start like them and eventually they found right place in my small collection.
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