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  1. Marcus_C

    Welcome Monster "Turbine Challenge" Reviewers!

    My review is now here:, it's not finished yet, I have a few photos/music links to add, i'll get them done in the next day or so. I'd like to ask though? Would you like the whole...
  2. Marcus_C

    Monster Turbine Challenge - A Pro Gold Review (Yes, another one...)

    I was lucky enough to be selected to review the Monster Turbine Pro Gold in the Turbine Challenge and here it is! First of all I want to thank Monster for setting it up and sending me the earphones. I want to stress this is all my own prejudiced opinion, I can't promise an unbiased review, we...
  3. Marcus_C

    Welcome Monster "Turbine Challenge" Reviewers!

    I recieved my Gold's today, I haven't had time to check out many of the included tips yet but having so many is pretty good going, I haven't had any sticky ones of those i've tried. It was mentioned earlier in the thread the Coppers aim to replicate the recording perfectly, what's the official...
  4. Marcus_C

    Imelda May

    Saw her live at Brecon Jazz back in 2007, there were about 40 people there but it was awesome!! She's found some good backing musicians too.  
  5. Marcus_C

    Royal Mail Lost £400 custom earphone, WHAT TO DO?

    Quote: From what the OP describes I imagine there'll be a tracking number up to the point of "your parcel has been prepared for shipping overseas: China" and nothing after that. That seems to be standard with all but special delivery from the Royal Mail.
  6. Marcus_C

    Welcome Monster "Turbine Challenge" Reviewers!

    I'd hope 2 1/2 weeks is fine, if they're all shipping from the US mine'll take a week to arrive anyway and there are quite a few bank holidays coming up which will probably slow it up further... (unless they're coming from a local distributor)
  7. Marcus_C

    Fischer Audio DBA-04

    Quote: Yeah, but why another one, unless the dba-02 is being discontinued, how is one company supposed to market both???
  8. Marcus_C

    Fischer Audio DBA-04

    Quote:   Bit of an odd shape for an armature phone as well.
  9. Marcus_C

    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    I like pretty much all Above & Beyond, though my favourite of theirs is and always will be Indonesia, don't know why, nothing wrong with not liking it though, there'll be others, but maybe post some music you like rather than complaining about everyone else's music, i'd be interested for one...
  10. Marcus_C

    Noise Isolation earphones

    With etymotic the isolation is a combination of factors so switching to etymotic tips won't miraculously give better isolation. I'm surprised the ue700's don't already have very good isolation though, are you using them in a noisy environment? Have you got fit issues? Although I haven't used...
  11. Marcus_C

    best analytical IEM (ER4?)

    I haven't heard the ck10 but your post and requirements shout out er4, i'd go with the p version, you can always add impedance but you can't take it away, (unless it would be inconvenient having an adapter at times. Yes, the cables are replaceable and etymotic's customer service is excellent so...
  12. Marcus_C

    in-ears are makeing me crazy

    Have you seen this thread? If I remember rightly the re-262 and dba-02 have been compared to the Gr-07 in that thread. I can't imagine you'd be dissapointed with any of them, they're all very highly regarded round here...
  13. Marcus_C

    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    Looks like it'd be an awesome festival, only problem, it's about 4000 miles away from me...
  14. Marcus_C

    Recommendations for <$400 IEMs?

    Quote: Isolation for one, the sm3 is pretty good in that regard.
  15. Marcus_C

    Shaving, gents

    I've just got to pick up on: "Nivea Sensitive Shaving Cream", is that canned stuff? I'm sure there are different products available in the US but that doesn't exist in the UK, if it is a can and you haven't used good old fashioned cream in a tube with a brush it might even be an allergic...
  16. Marcus_C

    in-ears are makeing me crazy

    kova4a: The newer ones are worth a shot the ones i've heard (cx250, cx271) are much less abusive on the ears, although they retail at about $30 not $70ish.   @OP Just an observation but you're hovering around virtually every iem in the price range that has ever had a good review. Bear in...
  17. Marcus_C

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Thanks for posting the surge pro review, it sounds pretty spot on as usual. It's good to have them compared to other BA phones in their range, I did wonder how they compared to something like the pl50, probably not well but they're about the same price across the pond at least.   Do you ever...
  18. Marcus_C

    Help: need recommendations

    Headphone or earphone? How much is the beats tour in your part of the world? Do you need good isolation? We could do with some more information if you want useful replies, there are rather a lot of options.
  19. Marcus_C

    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    Quote: I like it, thanks for sharing, i've also been browsing that UKF dubstep channel (the robyn link) and have only just realised feed me and spor is the same person. Have been re aquainting myself with Flux Pavillion/Emalkay/Bar9 etc.   Sequent industry's another name i've never...
  20. Marcus_C

    Is IEM soundstage a myth?

    Quote: Compared to what? Compared to earbuds most are comfortable, not to mention having sweaty foam and plastic pads pressed against your ear. The tips of iem's are generally flexible, something which can't be said for most earbuds. Also, call me a heffalump if you will but ears are very...
  21. Marcus_C

    So...the Westone 2 are better than I was expecting...

    There are a few people who have/had the w2 and w4, JoeyRusso and Headphoneaddict spring to mind, there's probably a comparison somewhere in the 100 pages of Westone 4 appreciation thread, good luck and remember to take the ball of string so you can get back out!!! In the meantime enjoy the w2's...
  22. Marcus_C

    IEM with decent bass for around £40?

    Brainwavz m3 is on a special offer at mp4nation at the moment, for £46 that's my recommendation.
  23. Marcus_C

    Sennheiser CX400ii vs MEElectronics CC-51

    Please don't spend £40 on the cx400. I haven't heard the cc-51 so can't comment on it. I've not heard the cx95 either though can guess more or less how it sounds. Adequate bass is a very loose term. This...