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  1. Empire Ears Stormbreaker 2.5mm

    I am selling my Empire Ears Stormbreaker. I am the second owner and purchased this from @dleblanc343 from their posting found here: As you can hopefully tell from the photos the cable is like new condition, it's...
  2. Luxury & Precision Pro 6 ~PENDING~

    Hello and thank you for looking at my listing. Today I have a L&P Pro 6 available for sale, purchased from a member and good friend @mungster This was purchased as we talked about another potential deal for a WMZ he was selling at the time. In sharing our preferences I discovered he was looking...
  3. 64 Audio Tia Trio

    Hello and thank you for checking out my posting. I am letting go of my cherished and greatly loved Tia Trio. As you can see from the link there were purchased previously from another member of the forum, @ThiccSound Based on the...
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    Interesting machine from Luxury n Precision

    New Firmware dropped finally for the LP6 pro. come get it!
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    Interesting machine from Luxury n Precision

    I haven't changed eq only dsp and digital filters, running out of balanced
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    Interesting machine from Luxury n Precision

    Out of curiosity would anyone have any hard facts on the DSP settings for how they tailored the FR to the FW 10000, the IE 900 and Trailli? I have them all in my player but I was curious if anyone knew in what ways they affected playback.
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    Comment by 'ExpiredLabel' on listing 'Luxury & Precision P6 Pro R2R'

    There was a short lived upgrade program owners of the LP6 could take advantage of to get the upgraded internals of the LP 6pro, they essentially swapped the guts out and kept the external shell and display for those unaware or curious.
  8. Drop + JVC HA-FDX1

    Bought it with the intention of keeping but realized there were some great sales going on recently and decided to go in another direction. Buyer covers PP fees I'll cover shipping INSIDE the US Updated Price, (Purchased from Ebay @ 250) my loss your gain Drop + JVC HA-FDX1 This is a enhanced...
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    Comment by 'ExpiredLabel' on listing 'Sony NW-WM1Z Like new'

    Hello is this still available?
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    Comment by 'ExpiredLabel' on listing 'Sony WM1Z'

    Is this still available?
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    Lampizator NA - Scammers BE VERY CAREFUL!!

    Just another reason why this site is a must. Too much BS floating around, ultimately it's up to use to wade through it, good to know we're not alone. Thank you for your time and efforts @SearchOfSub, I hope things are sorted out for you sooner than later.
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    Questyle QP2R

    Not sure, perhaps try a different browser? I used Brave Browser
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    Questyle QP2R

    okay, I may have hidden it away when I first grabbed mine then since I lack any DSD. Thanks for your feedback.
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    Questyle QP2R

    Like grade B maple syrup mmmmmm! Slow on the DL but it did complete after about 15 - 20 mins.
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    Questyle QP2R

    Can anyone still on 1.03 confirm DSD gain? I don't recall seeing it before and it's not mentioned in the patch notes for 1.04
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    Questyle QP2R

    So far DL speed is VERY slow. Could be server side, though who knows with Phil getting good speeds.
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    Questyle QP2R

    Omw, will report back Updates as follows: QP2R V1.0.4 Firmware Update: 1. Having added “Album display”in Settings, which can be selected between“Cover”and“List”. 2. Having fixed the UI display bug that occurs in Russian screen. 3. In Playing screen, the timing display will be the playing time...
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    Incoming Astell & Kern New: A&futura and A&norma

    Looking at these recent pics actually has me squirming away from AK. I've always been a fan of their aesthetics but this seems like them being too much AK for their own good. Firstly what the F*@$% is up with these names lately? Might be just me but they seem to be reaching in this regard with...