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  1. bluedolphin

    Nintendo Switch

    This i got for christmas Here is my Game collection for Switch
  2. bluedolphin

    Time for a New Audio player

    I have been using Cowon Plenue D I am happy with it but now find it a bit smale. I listen to Jpop,Kpop,Synthpop,Pop Mp3 320kbps and some m4a. Have not gone to Flac yet but i hope to do little by little in near future, i am happy for now with mp3 320kbps 99db i like the sound like they are...
  3. bluedolphin

    Atmospheric Polution broke my Audio technica ATH-M50XBL

    They are only 2 years old, they are still working fine but the last month atmospheric polution in spain have broke the leather    Look how they got in a month of normal wear, i dont understand it I have headphones from Fostex and Sennheiser never have this problem.   The AIR in spain has...
  4. bluedolphin

    Cables for Cowon X9?

    Where can i buy White Cowon usb Cable for X9 in europe on internet? I cannot buy it from amazon since i need paypal.   I also need Cowon Wall charger for Plenue D   I live in spain can i buy it from Cowon somewhere here
  5. bluedolphin

    Cable for sennheiser hd 598?

    Is there any 1.2 meter cable under 20$ for my Sennheiser Hd598. I want to use it sometime outdoor but the 3 meter cable that came with it is too large. i tried used Vmoda and klipcsh cables but they too big.
  6. bluedolphin

    Can i paint Vmoda M-100?

    My awesome Vmoda M100 has worked great for 3 years, except having to change cable recently. But painting is wearing off on both sides of the headband   Is there a way i could paint them without disassemble them. Could i use a marker pen, or would that easy wear off again.   As you can...
  7. bluedolphin

    Best Denon Headphones for Street use?

    I have used many headphones brands over the years for Street use quality mostly Koss,Sennheiser and Sony   Currently I use Sennheiser PX100 II which is great for Pop and some Bassy Dance music, and yea i'm a basshead.   Recentnly i got Denon D5000 (jena cabled with furutech conector) ...
  8. bluedolphin

    Denon Refuse to help

    I called the Denon Distribuitor in my country and explained i have a headphones with aftermarked cables i bought from a friend I asked where i could get the Cable remplaced or buy a remplacement cable (official Denon cable)   This was the answer from the Technical department at Official...
  9. bluedolphin

    Best Street headphones with Detachable Cable?

    Since Forever i always had problem with one side of the head or earphone stopping working because the soldering of the cable to the headphones get loose   This happens mostly after 6-7 months of use, the longest they lasted with everyday use is 2 year (Sony) I'm 35 years old and since in...
  10. bluedolphin

    Quality Discman avaible Today?

    I remember back in 1996 when i went to a store to get my first discman. I was keen on a good design and backlight display for nightuse.   I got in love with Technics SL-Xp600 Is very hard to find a good picture so i uploaded a photo from a old Technics cataloge.   I remember i...
  11. bluedolphin

    Help me Find Sennheiser Serial number

      I sent my Sennheiser PX100 II to repair on warranty since they told me it take 2 weeks i just went and bought another PX100 II  to use meanwhile To my surprise 2 days later Sennheiser sent me  Px100 II instead of repair they had remplaced them with new one in box.   Now the problem...
  12. bluedolphin

    Good Bassy Over-the-ear Headphone for street use?

    My 2 Sennheiser PX100 (I and II) broke down in just about the same week now im using some painful in-ear earphones...   One of the headphone broke when i stumbled in the cable when conected to pc and ripped out the headphone jack the other one had a failure and since is on warranty that...
  13. bluedolphin

    Sennheiser Vs Shure for PC/TV ?

    Soon will get new PC and i need a decent pair of headphones (right now i use the ones i use outside PX100 since i dont have any better)   Headphones will be used for on PC: - Music (mp3 320kbps 100db mp3gained music and itunes) - Blueray movies in 3D alienware monitor screen - Gaming...