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  1. malldian

    Non audio transformer problem

    My transformer for a neon sign died.  I have fried a couple with different specs trying to find something that worked, no luck yet.  It has a 12vdc 2000mA output and 120VAC 60HZ input.  What should I be looking for as a replacement?
  2. malldian


    Has been pretty great for tunes IMO. What albums from this year are you all spinning? I have really been enjoying a lot of albums, the link below shows them with a youtube video from each: Moonsteers: Access Granted: Music of the Year
  3. malldian

    IC: Ireland Meet?

    I am studying abroad in Ireland and while I did not bring any of my equipment (short of some SR60's) I would love to see what you all on the other side of the pond have to offer. Anyone interested in treating an American to some head-fi goodness while I am here for the next few months?
  4. malldian

    Saw for Christmas?

    So I want to start building DIY speakers yet have no wood working tools to speak of other than the most basic stuff my father owns. I have been eying some full range designs that I am pretty interested in but don't have the tools to do the cutting. For say around $150 - $250 any suggestions on a...
  5. malldian

    Small form cheap transport

    I am currently deciding what transport I am going to get - looking for small form factor and something that wont break after a week. Has anyone tried the optical out on the xbox? I wouldn't mind using that with XMBC on it - other wise I think I will go got a NEC external until I can afford...
  6. malldian

    SPL Meter

    Tried searching but didn't find anything that satisfied me... can anyone recommend me a SPL meter and a method for accurately matching volume levels?
  7. malldian

    Pentax (Saticon?) PC-K1500a?

    I don't know if anyone here would know anything about this but I figure if there is a place where someone might know about some random video camera this might be the place to either find someone who knows either about it or where to find more info. Thanks in advance... edit: that was a...
  8. malldian

    Woot headphone (4/10)

    Who's jumping on it? Woot : One Day, One Deal (SM)
  9. malldian


    Before I forget, damn I have posted 1,500 times on this site. I will write up some soppy head-fi love story either tonight or tomorrow. I am doing a show tonight so by the end of it all I doubt I will be writing very well... Have a good weekend!
  10. malldian

    Unexposed Tube Amps

    So I love the tube sound however my Melos is a bit big for next years living situation. I want to keep the tubes closed so they don't break, what are options for amps around $400 with a preamp function?
  11. malldian

    Harmonica Music

    I want to listen to harmonica, any suggestions?
  12. malldian

    Just got a power amp, need better speakers

    So I have some Pinnacle speakers that I have enjoyed as well as the A2's but I decided that with my purchase of a good preamp I sprung on a deal for the adcom gfa 535 mkii. Now looking to spend under 250 (really 300 but I know you all will try to get me to spend more) on a speaker system for my...
  13. malldian

    AV Question

    So I have a projector and am trying to get cable from the wall into it. I have two old home theater receivers, how do i get from the cable to the amp?
  14. malldian

    SS-35 Sansui Headphones

    Any info? How much would these be worth?
  15. malldian

    $600-900 for a frat house system

    I have about 6-900 to spend on a system for a basement. It needs to be loud and preferably not distort. While I guess loudness is a priority here, for my sake something that doesn't destroy everything but the bass is certainly wanted. It also needs to take some abuse... maybe a lot. Any ideas...
  16. malldian

    Is there a market for switch boxes?

    How many of you would be interested in purchasing a DIY switchbox that could be used to conduct your own testing of cables without having to actually switch them yourself? Could a DIYer make these at a reasonable price? If I were into cables right now, I would certainly be interested..
  17. malldian

    How do I upgrade from here?

    Right now I have a Toshiba SD4k which is my transport to the latest Beresford DAC. How much do I need to spend to see an increase in SQ, preferably a new transport or CDP if warranted?
  18. malldian

    CDP vs Transport and DAC

    At the same price range, which is the better investment?
  19. malldian

    HGA Cable Flexability

    Looking to make some custom sized IC's and I want to use the HGA cable. The IC will be about 6 inches long and I was wondering about the flexibility. Any other wire for less that people have used with good results? I want to see if I notice the 'silver sound.'
  20. malldian

    eBay wholesale closeouts any good?

    35 Different Wholesale Closeout Music CD New/Used Lot - eBay (item 360066047905 end time Jul-09-08 10:27:23 PDT) Stuff like that is tempting, any experience?
  21. malldian

    RCA Cables under $30

    I don't want to bottleneck my system with old stereo cables. Worth the peace of mind that quality cables won't be screwing something up so for under $30, BJC or Straight Wire Harmony or other?
  22. malldian

    The Black Keys - The Moan Equipment: Dell Latitude D820> Kenwood KR5080> STAX SR44 Track listing: "Moan" - 3:45 "Heavy Soul" - 2:36 "No Fun" - 2:32 "Have Love, Will Travel" - 2:34 This is an EP released by the Black Keys in 2004. The first three were, at that...
  23. malldian

    An Amp and DAC for $500

    So I sold a lot of equipment and was thinking about the Gilmore Lite (used) + a DAC but was wondering what you guys thought before I took the plunge. It will be powering a Sextett and Grado SR60 (occasionally). Any combos you have tried?
  24. malldian

    Summer Job

    So what did/do you guys do for money over the summer? For two years I worked at a pharmacy but I took a chance to make 50% more and am starting landscaping. Only problem is I have to wake up at 6 . I might work at the pharmacy too.
  25. malldian

    Beirut - Pompeii Equipment: Dell Latitude D820> Octvart O1 Amp/DAC> AKG Sextettmp Track Listing: "Fountains and Tramways" - 4:01 "Napoleon on the Bellerophon" - 3:31 Just a quick one tonight, got to get to bed. This stuff was released before Beirut's...