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  1. tesn

    Earbuds with android-compatible inline controls?

    Looking for android earphones that have inline (next track, previous, pause, play, volume) controls. I've been using the Xiaomi but they keep breaking on me, so i don't mind paying ~$100 or so for a more quality product with warranty.
  2. tesn

    Senn HD439 VS Takstar Pro 80

    I need some closed back (live with others) headphones for general PC use -- for casual music listening of all genres and PC gaming, that are comfortable and decently priced. The HD439 is cheaper and has a lot of good reviews on amazon, Takstar's Pro80 has none but seems to have a wide following...
  3. tesn

    Headphones on a ~100 dollarish budget?

    Budget - ~$70-120 but willing to go up if really necessary Source - For home use on my PC, for gaming and all genres of music. Requirements for Isolation - I share a room and do not live alone. So I suppose the more isolation the better. If less isolation helps with quality while not...
  4. tesn

    Bough a ATH-A900X for PC use. Do I need anything else to get the full effect?

    Hi, I'm new to the scene here. Saw a decent deal on the ATH-A900X, and got one shipping out to me soon. I'm upgrading from HD 201's so hopefully it should be a nice upgrade. My question is, do I need to buy anything else to get the full effect? I have a Razer Barracuda AC 1 audio card, would...