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  1. twinge

    Dimensions of STAX L700 drivers

    Good day! Can anybody tell me a size (dimensions) of STAX L700 drivers? I'm just figuring is it possible to fit them into STAX Sigma housing instead stock normal bias drivers. BTW: cutting (milling) is possible. Thank you!
  2. twinge

    STAX Sigma swap with Lambda 507 drivers

    Good day everyone! Somewhere I saw an article about an experience of swapping drivers from STAX Lambda 507 to Sigma housing. Anybody know anything about it? I didn't saw any pictures or description of the process and actually I lost link to that topic... Can anyone help me with that? Search on...
  3. twinge

    The Stax SR-L500 and SR-L700 Impressions Thread

    Good day everyone! I'm planing to swap L700 drivers into my old Sigmas. I love the sound-stage of Sigmas. But I don't know will drivers from L700 fit to them or not. Anyone have such experience?
  4. twinge

    Where to get ear-pads for STAX SR-Sigma?

    Unfortunately in Canadian office they have NO ear-pads for Sigmas... Maybe someone know another way to get them? Thanks!
  5. twinge

    Where to get ear-pads for STAX SR-Sigma?

    Nobody knows? :(
  6. twinge

    Stax Sigma - how many owners are left out there?

    I think this is 2-nd version of Normal Bias from 1987 because serial number is big and it still have a grey grill (Pro bias had a black grills). Update: Seller wrote to me that it's 6-pin version with flat black cable. So it's definitely 1987 late version! As I know that version had wider freq...