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  1. Bilavideo

    Space, the Final Frontier

    I was finishing up on some last-minute grading when I had an "aha" moment.  I was running some tunes out of my MacBook Pro, which was hooked up to some computer speakers at work.  Because I use the speakers for the benefit of students, I had them turned away from me, so they were completely...
  2. Bilavideo

    Wrong Way?

    I'm working on wooden shells for an SR60 mod but it seems to me that we may be barking up the wrong tree.  When it comes to speaker shells, there seem to be three choices: (1) closed back; (2) open back; and (3) semi-open.  Closed cans act like acoustic-suspension speakers, with everything...
  3. Bilavideo

    LCD-2 vs. Cream Soda

    Since everything is now being compared to the LCD-2, I thought I'd get the jump on the LCD-2 vs. Cream Soda thread.  Disclaimer: I have an M^3 with STEPS and a variable bass boost/crossfeed hi/low but I can't figure out how to connect it to the cream soda, which will have to be A/B'd unamped.  A...
  4. Bilavideo

    The Extra Bass of the JH16

    I'm not an owner of either the JH13 or the JH16 but curiosity has seized me.  Right now, there are two JH13s up for sale, both of them hundreds of dollars below their original price, neither of which looks to be in any immediate danger of being grabbed up.  Given the fact that remolding is only...
  5. Bilavideo

    HF2 Modding

    I want to make a mod to my HF2s.  To do that, I need to pull the cups apart.  But the cups are glued in pretty well to the wood.  Without damaging the wood, how do I get the cups apart?  I'm not sure a hair dryer is going to work here.
  6. Bilavideo

    Grado PS-1000: An Evolving Review

    DAY 1   I just got these eight hours ago.  They've had maybe three hours of burn-in so far.  At this point, they're a little sibilant off an unamped iPod, enough for me to switch the EQ to Bass Boost.  Off my M^3 with STEPS, they sound fine, with loads of bass.  Compared to my HD800, they're...
  7. Bilavideo

    HD800 Cable Advice

    I recently purchased an HD800, which is wonderful. I like the stock cable that came with the headphone but the length is overkill. I don't need six feet of cable. I need maybe half that. I'd like to get a high-quality cable but something short and relatively lightweight. Any suggestions?
  8. Bilavideo

    Now That The Hype Is Over

    In one corner, wearing red trunks, is the PS-1000. In the other, sporting baby blues, is the HD800. I know we've been through this before but never this far into the fight. It's Round 10. The hypesters have gone to bed. It's that point when enough blows have been traded, enough hot sweat dripped...
  9. Bilavideo

    The Grado Achilles Heel

    It's that plastic driver cover. All Grados have the front; the low-end Prestige models have some form of the backs. The sonic qualities of this plastic are crap. The shell allows the driver to be louder, and since LF waves are more directional than their HF equivalents, a plastic tube still...
  10. Bilavideo

    Bend the Band

    Is it just me or do the Grados have more bass if you turn the cups upward? On another lark, I and my trusted assistant set out to bend the headband. We both noticed that the horse-shoe shape tends to cause the cups to bend down instead of up, so we thought we'd turn a "U" into a heart - like...
  11. Bilavideo

    HF2 vs. PS1000

    What's the difference - besides $1200? If you've heard them both, sound off. I'd like to know what I'm missing from my HF2's, which are amazing in their own right. Does a Darth Vader muffin top make that much difference in the sound?
  12. Bilavideo

    Stupid Grado Mod

    I'm calling this a "Stupid Grado Mod" because it's so easy, it hardly merits mention - except I found the results irresistibly good. I got a pair of HF-2s. The previous owner had good things to say but commented negatively on the comfort of the L-Cush bowls, what I call doughnuts. He was...
  13. Bilavideo

    HF-2 Brings Me Back to Grado

    I sold all my cans to pay my bills and ended up with just enough left over to buy a pair of HF-2s. Wow! I was prepared to flip these if reality shrank under the shadows of all that hype, but I'm not going to be letting go of these any time soon. Do the words "cold dead fingers" suggest anything...
  14. Bilavideo

    K701 - Wow!

    I just got a used pair of K701s and awe is too neutral a term. These cans are beautiful, comfortable and so transparent they rival the best Grados. I'll hold off on a more detailed review, but for now, all I can say is how impressed I am with how revealing these cans are. Whoever said they lack...
  15. Bilavideo

    Just Got the 650s

    I got these used from another headfier, Pugstub. They came in excellent condition and, while it's a little early to give a full review, I have to say I'm impressed. I'm a Grado man and probably will be till the day I die, but the 650 is a clever, clear, worthy contender. They're obviously harder...
  16. Bilavideo

    Attention: People of Earth

    It's time to join the master race. Resistance is futile! These sombreros work, even if they look hideous. You have no choice. Do it! Do it now!
  17. Bilavideo

    Throbbing Grados

    I've been playing with home-made mods to a cheap pair of SR-60s I bought off E-Bay. I took off the backs (to leave them as open as open gets), replaced the flats with modified G-cush salad bowls (cut back a few millimeters to narrow the distance between ear and driver) and toyed with dolloping...
  18. Bilavideo

    Open-Air Chambers

    If open-air chambers sacrifice acoustic suspension to release the demons of HF resonance, what difference does it make what material is used for an open window? If you go infinite baffle with the open-air chamber, how does the chamber help in the production of bass?
  19. Bilavideo

    SR-60 Response Graph

    Look at this graph:
  20. Bilavideo

    How Bass Boost Could Be Better

    I hope I'm not in the wrong thread for this discussion. If I am, feel free to move this thread to where it belongs, but I think it's appropriate for placement in the amps discussion because it relates to an important issue when buying headphone amps. I like bass boost, particularly variable...
  21. Bilavideo

    Tweaking the UM3X

    I love my UM3X but sometimes the warm signature is a little too much, even for an IEM that is remarkable for its natural sound and otherwise well-balanced tone. By accident, I removed the white filters from the sound outlet and found the sound to be a little more open, with a little more sizzle...
  22. Bilavideo

    Marshmellow Heresy

    I was looking for some hanging-hook crap whose shells I could scavenge and bought JVC Marshmellows at Walmart for $20. My ears are throbbing with rock-n-roll energy. Are the gods f-ing with me? I feel like that food critic in the penultimate scene from Rattatouille. What gives?
  23. Bilavideo

    Grado Sale

    I've got bills to pay so I'm selling my Grados. Grado SR-325i - $200 This is the gold-colored anniversary edition using L-Cush doughnuts and aluminum drivers. There are a couple of nicks in the aluminum (for you perfectionists) but otherwise, these are outstanding headphones. It comes with...
  24. Bilavideo

    Shure SE530 Tip Mod

    In the world of DIY, this is a minor thing to report, but life is made up of minor things. I have these 530s from a project I was doing back in late May/early June. I wanted to compare the top universals - including Westone's 3 and UM3X, UE's Triple Fi 10 Pro, Etymotics' ER4P and (because of all...
  25. Bilavideo

    IEM Cables

    I'm building my own custom IEM over at the DIY board but I need some advice from anyone who'd care to share. I've got the drivers and the crossover taken care of, and the design of the shell is coming along. Right now, the weak link is in the cabling. I'm looking for a good source for IEM...