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  1. Hero Kid

    Schiit DACs (Bifrost and Gungnir down, one to go)? The information and anticipation thread.

    NOTE: This post has not been updated since 18/04/2012.   OK so most people have clued onto the fact that Schiit Audio is planning to release a DAC, even multiple DACs if you read into the string of clues Jason has left all over the forum.   This thread plans to collate all the...
  2. Hero Kid

    Give all the users who work on Huddler the "Platform Partner" tag.

    I just caught up with this section and noticed two users who appear to be "Platform Partner"s without the user class to suggest as such. It's pretty unprofessional if you ask me and should be reminded sooner rather than later.   frankfarmer is one such user, kevingrandon the other.
  3. Hero Kid

    Suggestion to implement a "Vinyl Section"

    Vinyl has become such a niche market these days. I suggest we tap into that niche community and give them (us) the dedicated section to allow it to grow. Turntables, Vinyl - hell any analog discussion would be much more accessible if it were collated in one section rather than being strewn all...
  4. Hero Kid

    List of bugs and suggestions for the new "Classified" section.

    Ok I understand it has just been implemented and is probably still being worked on but - I'll list what bugs have been identified and what recommendations are made!   Identified Bugs: When editing details for a second time, the previously saved details show up (aka. Not most recent save)...
  5. Hero Kid

    Slight coding problem when quoting (some) emoticons.

    I've noticed this quite a few times now and decided to make this topic. I'd hope that the people in a position to do something about it already know about the issues... but if they didn't/don't there's this.   Here is an example...
  6. Hero Kid

    New rule suggestion for the For Sale section

    Can we please re-introduce a rule that requires a certain amount of posts/time registered to buy and sell in the for sale section?   I've seen way too many example of scammers recently, and often it is members who have recently joined. (See...
  7. Hero Kid

    [FIXED] "Â " Characters when quoting...

    I've seen it happen to other people and it happens to me.   I get a "   " after each line of text when I quote someone, but not all the time. Just sometimes.   Happening to anyone else?
  8. Hero Kid

    Need help with subscriptions...

    Is there any way to stop me automatically subscribing to every topic I post in? It's incredibly annoying and I can't seem to stop it automatically. Manually doing it every single time is painful and I always forget :/
  9. Hero Kid

    Need advice on a good CD player to buy in Australia.

    Edit: Removed post.
  10. Hero Kid

    "Go to first new post" feature not working 100%

    Every time I click the little icon at the before the topic title to visit new posts it has recently been getting it wrong by 2-4 posts, even more in some cases. By getting it wrong I mean it shows me a post generally 3 posts ahead of where I last read. Is anyone else having this problem? I've...
  11. Hero Kid

    Question about a laptop and an old vintage amp...

    Hi, the more and more I hang around on this site the more I want to spend more money. I'm planning on buying a new Macbook Pro 15" which will be used primarily as a source. I understand that adding an external DAC/AMP (combination or not) or even an external soundcard is needed to milk the...