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  1. myusernameislove

    Dedicated portable source (not DAP) with bt, eq, screen

    Hi, I am looking for dedicated portable source unit that incorporates following functions: - BT receiver, ideally with ldac and BT5 - transport of sound over USB, ideally via USB-C OTG cable - screen and wide-band EQ - no headphone out (no high quality dac/amp) - it may function as player but...
  2. myusernameislove


    Just had a great listening session with my favourite incenses. Anyoneelse likes to meditate and relax while listening to music and burning or warming up woods, resins, herbs or oils? This excludes drugs or alcohol. Books: in German - ( I own...
  3. myusernameislove

    Error in the Matrix

    DejaVu just happened. Read about it here: