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  1. Pingupenguins

    Review by 'Pingupenguins' on item 'Beyerdynamic Tesla DT 1350'

    So I got these used from another head-fi member for $220 shipping. EPIC WIN! I also won some HD25's from Razordog Deals back in June, so I get to compare the two!   I'm not into writing huge reviews since I don't consider myself to have "golden ears". I'll just say that the HD25's had...
  2. BTG-Audio Sunrise CIEM cable

    BTG-Audio Sunrise CIEM cable

    Compatible with Westone, UM, UE, JH, and other CIEM headphones. Also compatible with reccessed sockets. This is BTG-Audio's line of sleeved cables specially ordered for CIEM headphones. This cable utilizes BTG-Audio's clear wire at 4ft in length (~1.2m). Made with robust professionally molded...
  3. Pingupenguins

    Reply to review by 'pingupenguins' on item 'Beats Pro High-Performance Headphones'

    I know they sound good. But again. Price range is filled with much better headphones. I'd buy the shells from you to rip out the drivers and put some KSC75's in them.