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  1. Hibuckhobby

    New amp on the way gave way to a H10 and Lyr showdown

    I just took the plunge and bought a Decware Taboo that should be here next week. The pending new kid on the block made me think about who might have to go down the road, so I pulled out the HE500's with canare cabling and hooked my Boulder Audio modded Squeezebox Touch directly to the amps...
  2. Hibuckhobby

    I need to clamp my wallet shut!

    About three weeks ago, I came across a smokin' deal on a pair of HD650's ($200) so I said: "why not?". Within a week, I had ordered a Total Airhead portable amp because I wanted to see if it made an improvement over the output on my Level 3 modded Shanling CDT-100.  Big difference.  Wider...