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  1. HideousPride

    Luxury and Precision - Crowdfunding Promotion on the L3 Digital Music Player, Available Soon!

    --- The promotion is now live on Indiegogo. Click here to check out the page.  --- The Newest Digital Music Player from Luxury and Precision Heyo Head-Fi,   I've got some exciting news to share today. Luxury and Precision's been garnering quite a bit of attention recently, particularly for...
  2. HideousPride

    New Release - AKG K181 DJ Ultimate Edition, launching on Massdrop

    Hey Everyone,   In the past 6 months or so, Massdrop has been able to offer some really cool AKG products. The K7XX was an ground breaking open-back collaboration between AKG, Massdrop, and our community. The K553 was a neat closed-back can that did a lot right at the price. With these two...
  3. HideousPride

    [Review] RHA MA350 – Reid Health Audio Enters the IEM World with a Splash

    Note: Pictures can be deceptive. Trip to Cabo San Lucas not included with the purchase of MA350s.   About the Author I’ve made peace with my home setup and am fairly certain that the TH-900/HP-A8C pairing I have offers me the best “value” at a price point I am happy with. Since earlier...
  4. HideousPride

    [Review] Toxic Cables Silver Poison - Sinking My Teeth into Aftermarket Cables

        Introduction Prior to receiving the Silver Poison, I was situated in the camp of cable agnostics. I hadn’t enough firsthand experience to judge for myself what, if anything, a high-end cable can do for the pursuit of great sound.   I have personally replaced a couple of stock...
  5. HideousPride

    [Review] The Dunu Landmine (DN-23) – Entry Level IEM Bassy Goodness

      About the Author While having fleshed out my headphone experience with having tried out or owning most mid/hi-fi cans, I’m not the most experienced person out there when it comes to IEMs. I skipped up the rungs from having a few pairs of budget-fi stuff to the Westone 3, then immediately...
  6. HideousPride

    Cases suitable for carrying around CIEMs?

    Because the one I have is freakishly huge and is awful to lug around. Up to now, I've been wrapping the CIEM up in a silk handkerchief and just carrying them in my coat jacket, but I would prefer to have something small and accessible that offers more protection.   Been looking at this case...
  7. HideousPride

    Frogbeats C4 Review - An Incredible First Experience in the CIEM World

    Disclaimer Unlike some of the wonderful grizzled, veteran reviewers we have on Head-Fi who have listened to dozens of CIEMs, this is, in fact, my first pair. As such, I cannot eloquently compare on the subtle differences the C4 has to so-and-so other CIEM.   However, what I can do is...
  8. HideousPride

    Ever think some songs these days sound extremely similar to one another?

    Found a fascinating video on YouTube discussing just this. It was a very interesting watch for me, thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy!