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  1. Pingupenguins

    IC: SF bay Area mini-Meet

    I never see anyone from the SF bay area getting together and holding a mini meet. So I'd like to see who's alive in these parts.   Any takers?
  2. Pingupenguins

    Convicing your significant other your Audiophilia is founded.

    Hey Guys and Gals,   Please discus how you either tried or got your significant other to accept and/or appreciate your love for good sound and music.   Now I know there are a lot of "Convince my friends" threads, but this is different. With friends, you can just pass them off and go on...
  3. Pingupenguins

    Blue Leather Ipod Touch case

    I'm looking for a genuine leather case in blue. I plan to use a LOD so I need to make sure the socket isn't covered up like in the Noreve cases.   Thanks!   Btw this is a for a blue setup for my girlfriend.   Ipod touch in blue leather -> Hand built LOD -> cMoy in a blue penguin mint...
  4. Pingupenguins

    Comfortable headphones

    Since entering the MOT community, I've tried on NUMEROUS headphones, and tbh, never found a headphone that is as comfortable as my Skullcandy Aviators. Anyone know of some spectacularly comfortable headphones? ATH-M50's, Beyer DT770, AKG K601, and Dennon D2000 all have sore spots and give me a...
  5. Pingupenguins

    Quick Beats Joke

    This one is for all you physics nerds out there...   When you play two notes out of tune, you get Beats.   heh. heh.   Thanks for reading.
  6. Pingupenguins

    Beats or Skullcandy

    Yeah I want to buy some cool looking headphones. I'm looking for something with a 40mm driver. I can't figure out how big the drivers are on the Beats Solo if someone could help me with it.   Basically I'm going to tear into these puppys and remove the crap driver in them to just have a bad...
  7. Pingupenguins

    KCS75 to Skullcandy Agent

    Does anyone have one of these? I intended to buy them at like $23 and replace the drivers with KCS75's. I was wondering if anyone could show me if I could pull this off. Both are 40 mm. Anyone have a pair they'd like to disassemble? I just thought it would be a sick headband for the KCS75 then I...
  8. Pingupenguins

    Planar Magnetic

    I have a quick question. Do I need any extra equipment to play a planar magnetic headphone? all i have is a cmoy and zune hd.
  9. Pingupenguins

    DIY Midi to USB cable?

    I was wondering if it was even possible to create a midi to USB cable. I don't want to buy a crap cheap cable and I'd rather pick my own parts and colors. So is it possible to make this cable or do I have to make 2 Midi to Midi then get a seperate midi to usb hub.    Thanks   PS. Can I...
  10. Pingupenguins

    NYS231 guide

    You'd think it would be easy to find out what is what about these plugs. Well i couldn't find answers. the big one is ground. is the round one left and the square pole right?   thanks
  11. Pingupenguins

    Lettering a Case

    How do you put things like "Tone" and "Volume" on a plain case?
  12. Pingupenguins

    Thinking of recabling Skullcandy Aviators.

    ^read the title   I need some wire and jack tips. I figure Skullcandy has a horrible record for cables so I'm not going to settle for RMA'ing every year I'll up the sound quality and build quality. So I'd like to start mapping out my quest possibly techniques suggested wire and jacks.   ...
  13. Pingupenguins

    Wire for 3.5mm to 3.5mm and braid

    I'm thinking of making a very very short connection for my zune to cMoy. i have a Fiio L2 currently and its a little long imo. I'm looking for shorter still. I saw 20 AWG silver plated copper and teflon coated 19 strand for about $8 shipped. 25 feet red. Should I get this wire? i was hoping to...
  14. Pingupenguins

    Marines tin ideas.

    So I recently enlisted in the DEP for the Marine Corps and upon acceptance I received a nice brushed steel looking aluminium tin. Its the same height as a standard mint tin and about 1/2" larger length and width wise as 4 penguin mint tins. As soon as I saw them handing these puppies out I...
  15. Pingupenguins

    Building a Desktop Amp?

    Im currently working on a Cmoy pocket amp based design and I was wondering if there were tuts to build a quality Desktop amp. This Cmoy is the first amp I've built   tut im using