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  1. spykez

    HIDIZS MS4 $50 off Just add it to your subscription. Dunno why IEMs would ever need a sub but, wait till it ships/delivered then just cancel. Anyone have experience with these? Might try them out.
  2. spykez

    Help me find some IEMs to look at.

    So I've ben on a my Peachtree Decco 2 for desktop and Sony A45 for the longest time. I just bought a FiiO M11 and it made me realize how much I've been missing out on my music as it absolutely destroys both of those. The details this little DAP can pull out is truely amazing. Headphones I'm...
  3. spykez

    Need some slow jazz/sax

    Something like this is what I really like: Also been listening to a lot of Katie Melua, Brian Culbertson and Gary BB Coleman. Coleman has some upbeat stuff I'm not too huge a fan of but his slower stuff is excellent. I got some new Focal bookshelf speakers and I'm finding they LOVE being fed...
  4. spykez

    DAC clicking through speakers using USB

    I had my computer off all night, get home from work, turn computer on and I started getting this noise. It does the same thing on another computer as well as with different cables. Optical doesn't do this so I'm assuming something's funky with my USB board. I had this issue once before like...
  5. spykez

    Focal Elear Headphones for $700 with full sized headphone trade in ($300 trade in) I had asked what the limit on the headphones is and if I could trade my Nighthawks in and this was their response. Headphones traded in are being donated.
  6. spykez

    Need bluetooth earphones that don't suck.

    So I looked around for a couple days, nothing really came up as the best other than the cult following behind the Jaybird X3. Bought a pair of Best Buy, sounds GREAT, fits GREAT but the bluetooth receiver on it is garbage, got my phone in my side pocket while working and it keeps cutting out. I...
  7. spykez

    Woo Audio Model: HPS-R/HPS-T Shipment delayed

    I "pre-ordered" a dual headphone stand about a month ago just because I know as soon as they get them in they'll be sold out almost instantly. I'm not in a hurry but out of curiosity I sent them an email to see what their time frame was looking like.     Just so those of you who are also...
  8. spykez

    So these vacuum tubes just popped up on craigs   Was browsing and saw someone posted these. Are they worth picking up?
  9. spykez

    DAC doing that screechy sound

    I posted this in the Modi section but seeing as not everyone goes in that thread and this issue has popped up on other DAC devices I figured someone could shine some light.   My Modi has been great the last two weeks but it just started doing that high pitch frequency scratchy sound and it...
  10. spykez

    Looking for some 1940's style Noir kinda jazz

    I've had a crazy kick on this stuff lately but I don't know any composers or artists who's this was their bread and butter.   Examples:   1st song   I did find Bohren & Der   Appears Miles Davis has...
  11. spykez

    Need some advice on connecting DAC, Tube amp, vintage receiver, turntable

    So my current setup is computer > topping vx1 (dac/amp) > speakers/headphones   I've got new toys coming and I dunno what the best way to hook them up is to benefit each other   I ordered a a Schiit Modi DAC and a Little Dot MKIII.   Then I decided I wanted a turntable to play vinyl, so I...
  12. spykez

    Pioneer SX 636 repair Madison WI

    My pops gave me his old receiver he bought brand new, thing still works and all the lamps work. Only thing I know of that's wrong with it is my mom stepped on one of the knobs years ago and snapped the stem.   I was wondering if anyone in the Madison area knows someone who's good with this old...
  13. spykez

    New Sennheiser HD700 or Used Audeze LCD-2

    I'm currently using my HD598 but plan on buying some new can's pretty soon.   I got a Little Dot MKIII that'll be here this weekend, and later this month I'll buy the new cans.   These days I listen to more electronic/jazzy stuff. Metal is still mixed in there but nearly as much as it used...
  14. spykez

    Schiit Valhalla vs Little Dot MKIII for Sennheiser HD 598/700

    I've been obsessing over the research of tube amps for the past couple weeks and I'm down to two contenders. I've owned neither or heard neither. I live in Madison and unfortunately, being a college town, the only audio gear I can test out is Bose and Beats.   Music: Occasionally some power...
  15. spykez

    Could use some help choosing a tube amp. Thanks!

    Ok so being an ex guitarist...I loved tube amps. The problem was though was you had to crank the volume up to heat the tubes up to get the benefit of the sound. My Vox amp had a feature where I could crank the power to the tubes to get it toasty but use a separate volume knob to bring the volume...
  16. spykez

    Hello!! Introduction and could use some advice :D

    I've been lurking here for a while. I started getting more and more into better equipment once I started using a stereo receiver on my computer and noticed how much better music was starting to sound. Then I went from small crappy inifinity satellites I got from my dad to Polk Audio R150 then...