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  1. Tacanacy

    Has anyone used Pro iCan with K1000?

    I have K1000, but I've barely used it. My most powerful amp is Lyr 2.
  2. Tacanacy

    Reversed channels in AKG K1000

    I just got an AKG K1000 and have discovered that the left and right channels are reversed. No, I'm not wearing it the wrong way. The left side is even marked with an L. I use Creative X7 as a DAC and Lyr 2 as an amp. I use the stock extension cable. I've tested it on PC and PS4. No other...
  3. Tacanacy

    Looking for warm tubes for Lyr 2 - $150

    I currently use stock tubes, which sound neutral or bright depending on the headphones. I bought Lyr 2 mainly for HE400i and HD700 because it was strongly recommended for these headphones and other headphones I was looking at at the time had low impedance. I have TH-X00 Ebony ordered and I plan...
  4. Tacanacy

    Over-ear, closed-back headphones for gaming - $50-70

    I'm looking for an over-ear, closed-back headphone for gaming. Soundstage, imaging, clarity, detail retrieval and separation are priorities. No bass or treble preferences. The budget is $70 if V-MODA BoomPro is compatible and $50 if the mic isn't compatible. The only ones I've found so far that...
  5. Tacanacy

    How do you differentiate between soundstage width and depth and accurate imaging?

    Soundstage and imaging overlap, so I'm interested in how you tell if it's the soundstage that lacks width or/and depth or if it's the imaging that's inaccurate.
  6. Tacanacy

    Wired and exciting sports IEMs - 300 USD

    I currently use Jaybird X2 and I can't stand them anymore as they sound flat and immensely boring to listen with. I want fast, tight and punchy bass and the vocals presented alongside the bass, not recessed. I'm not sure how much bass I want, only that it doesn't overpower the mids. I'm not...
  7. Tacanacy

    Headphones, mic and DAC or amp for £100

    I told someone I know not to get a gaming branded headset and instead buy from a company that specializes in high-fidelity headphones, but at only £100 ($110), I'm starting to think that an all-in-one deal might be better by going with HyperX Cloud II, which is from what I've gathered, one of...
  8. Tacanacy

    Questions about converting Sennheiser PC363D's USB surround sound card to optical/S/PDIF/toslink

    Is it possible to convert Sennheiser PC363D's USB surround sound card to optical and use it with consoles? Would I lose sound quality? Are there particular convertors I would need or I should avoid?
  9. Tacanacy

    Looking for a particular mount for my mic (see pic) - any suggestions?

      I'm looking for a mount similar to the one in the picture so that I can position my mic, Blue Yeti, similarly, but I'm not sure what it's called. It's not a locking yoke mount, is it? They seem to only come with microphones, and, otherwise, don't show up in relation to mics much... I suppose...
  10. Tacanacy

    Any advice on choosing a good mic foam cover for reducing ambient noise?

    What should I look for when choosing a foam cover for reducing ambient noise? Do some do it better than others? There are huge price gaps, like, from 5 to 100 dollars.   My microphone is Blue Yeti, if that's relevant.
  11. Tacanacy

    Recommend a USB desktop mic on par with Yeti/Seiren that's much less sensitive and has a mute option?

    The Blue Yeti is way, way too sensitive. It literally picks up a pin drop and makes sounds so much louder, except my voice, of course... that's for some reason moderate, even with the volume at highest. I have the gain level at lowest to reduce ambient noise. The cardioid mode is a joke, it...
  12. Tacanacy

    Portable DACs, amps and DAPs for streaming music - What factors to consider?

    I wonder if there are any factors in form of quality and compatibility I should consider for streaming music when looking into DACs, amps and DAPs. Also, does offline streaming make any difference in quality?
  13. Tacanacy

    Recommend an amp/DAC setup (not Astro MixAmp) for console gaming?

    I'm looking for an amp or amp and DAC setup for games only, on PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, with main concern on positional audio.  I'd like to use it with a mic (I have Antlion ModMic). I'd greatly appreciate volume control (and chat control, but I don't think it's much of an option for me). I'd...
  14. Tacanacy

    Can I use Astro MixAmp Pro TR with high-end headphones for gaming?

    I'm looking for new headphones for (console) gaming in the 200-300 USD range, and I have an Astro MixAmp Pro TR (that I use with Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X, which cost the same as the mixamp), so I wonder if I can use it for any headphones without it downgrading the sound quality.