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  1. hYdrociTy

    The Brotherhood of Plus

    Mysteriously and seemingly randomly, a "+" gets attached to members names on the list on the bottom of the main forums page. Any explanations? for example:
  2. hYdrociTy

    Pimeta Question!

    Nooby question alert! My led seems to be bad, and I was wondering If I didn't want to use any led at the moment, do I just jumper the led holes or do I have to put a resistor there or what? Thanks guys!
  3. hYdrociTy

    Official NYC Meet Nov4 Impressions!

    Ha! im the first one back home! Wow there so much to sort through, but yea it was really rewarding to be with y'all, so nice and everything. The only thing I can remember off the top of my head was that just like the first day I plugged in some nice cans + amp, I just had the same feelings...
  4. hYdrociTy


    Does anyone still drink it? Its so hard to find a six pack in stores these days..