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  1. Bones13

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    I prefer MrSpeakers Voce with my BHSE (with ALPS). The umbilical upgrade really fits better behind my BHSE as it is mute flexible) aaack about the video being taken private, I pull it up every time I swap tubes, not trusting my memory. I’ll try to remember to email for a link, and write down...
  2. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova The original Andromeda had the 3 holes, one per treble, midrange, and bass, 3 round holes. To me the SE Gold looks to have a set of bars across the outlet, I called it a screen or lattice, vs the round bore holes of the...
  3. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Just the screen/lattice as seen on the photos. I have used a similar tool on CIEMs, and this tool looks sized to clean the screen/lattice, not anything that gets through it. I make enough ear wax to require occasional cleaning of CIEMs. I’ve never had to clean my regular IEMs, other than to...
  4. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    The Andromeda SE Gold only started shipping 8/20, with many of us receiving today. Total 1000 units though. I would imagine “processing” time to vary with payment type, and how many people start ordering, now that they are released. I bet they mailed all the pre-orders on 8/20.
  5. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    I am sure its the same outside shell. I had Atlas before, and the pictures make the Andromeda look so much bigger. Can't answer any questions about 1A or 1Z, as I never could justify the price.
  6. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    I did not hear hiss with those settings. I am 60, and found that those settings lowered the high end too much for me. I am currently liking "Direct Source" the best. Currently trying some different genre and file types during lunch. (Jenner Fox -Taos, in DSD and Steve Martin - So Familiar in...
  7. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Listening to my ZX300 with the new Andromeda SE Gold right now (after opening the box!) Sounds great, no hiss on the regular 3.5 mini-jack. I will decide one day if I want to get a balanced cable.
  8. Bones13

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    I have a set coming Thursday too! Very excited. My son took off with the CA Atlas I had previously, which I liked, but they were a bit too bass heavy for my taste. I’m interested to see how the new SE Gold Andromeda does. I’m still not sure why they are designated gold, as they are mostly black...
  9. Bones13

    Powerbeats Pro (Truly Wireless IEM from Apple/Beats)

    I just got a pair (black) from Amazon - shipped right away for the 2 day Prime shipping. I read about spinfit flanges, and ordered a set of small and mediums, as these have been the usual for me with IEMs. These headphones fit different though. The large section right behind the flange prevents...
  10. Bones13

    MrSpeakers Electrostatic Prototype Listening Impressions

    My Voce headphones arrived this week, with a new set of NOS Siemens EL34 tubes. Finally installed the tubes, and did preliminary adjustments. The headphones are spectacularly packaged, and I much prefer the round cable to the flat Staxx cable, which always seems in danger of getting damaged. I...
  11. Bones13

    NEW - Campfire Comet and Atlas

    I used foam tips at Axpona, with good enough results to order this IEM (its not like I need another pair),and generally like small Comply Comfort tips. I have liked silicone tips with some of the smaller IEMs, and might find a good set in the sets included with the cans. My Atlas is at my local...
  12. Bones13

    Anybody figured out the new site yet?

    I personally love the new site. I use an iPad for 90% of my forum reading, and the new iteration is very much better. It keeps getting better daily too. TYVM, even if y'all were kind of forced into it. Much better to as forgiveness after the fact than to seek permission beforehand in my opinion.
  13. Bones13

    Why is FLAC so expensive?

    Well, any of the "lossless" formats FLAC and ALAC usually sound better than a "lossy' format - MP3, etc. But that is often gear dependent. Depending on the system, a lossless file, played via a high quality DAC can sound better than the CD played in a generic player with so/so DAC inside. EAC...
  14. Bones13

    Is the Sennheiser balanced cables worth it for the HD800?

    Not sure about the Sennheiser balanced cables, but balanced cables, with balanced amp were a terrific upgrade for my HD800s. I used both a Toxic Cable, and more recently the Cardas set. Balanced worked for me, I'm sure the amp will matter. Moved on to balanced Utopias now.
  15. Bones13

    DAC for SR-009/BHSE

    My system is a microRendu (Roonified NAS) to a Bryston BDA-3 which goes both to a pre-amp for speakers, and the other output to the BHSE/SR009. This system allows direct output of sound from both the DAC and the pre-amp to the BHSE, so Computer Digital, Vinyl, DVD, CD, Cable Audio all are...
  16. Bones13

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    It's always exciting to see your BHSE on the shelf, pre or post, testing. You know the variable wait is over, and that shipping is nigh! I don't foresee ever repacing my BHSE/SR009 combo.
  17. Bones13

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    BHSE, even with stock tubes + SR007 (both purchased from Justin) continues to be sublime, detailed, and complete in frequency range. Simply the best. Thank again for your work Justin.
  18. Bones13

    amazon prime day sucks :(

    Just like any "going out of business" sale, and then the company does not actually close. Clearing out of non sold, yesterday's news, stuff. I have not seen any "deals" on current goodies.
  19. Bones13

    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

    Cable arrived safe and sound. My Ether headphones are at the beach house, so I will be using the new cables next weekend. I'll report back after I listen for a while. Thanks again for sorting things out so quickly, and the beautiful froduct.
  20. Bones13

    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

    We have PM'd. I should have looked into things earlier, my fault to some degree, I have learned to let the custom audio guys get around to things. (I do have a BHSE). I had just replied back with one of the emails he sent me earlier, and was looking into the thread, so I commented. Trevor has...
  21. Bones13

    Norne Audio (Was: Norse Audio): Feedback & Impression Thread

    I ordered a set for my new Ether headphones, paid via PayPal (11/2/15) and received confirmation. No cables or even a sorry, running late, or awaiting materials, notification yet. Was quoted about a 3 week delivery. 3 months at this point.
  22. Bones13

    Did Sennheiser just reveal the Orpheus successor?

    Not surprised by the price guess by Dr. Gilmore, certainly will be a good bit more than original Orpheus. Quoted specs are good if they hold up. Guesses about the circuit still. All tube? Probably hybrid. Tubes just for show? (jk) IMO not a fan of a non upgradable DAC portion. IMO it fails...
  23. Bones13

    Ultrasone Edition 8 "Limited Edition"

    Are these headphones truely circumarual? They look smallish in the pictures.  I am wanting to get out of "on ear" headphones, and these look to be decent travel/laptop at the beach headphones.   Thanks
  24. Bones13

    Headamp Blue Hawaii Special Edition

    XLR - from my Pre-Amp - can access all my sources RCA1 - direct from RCA taps from my DAC (which does XLR to Pre-Amp) (fed by Aries) RCA2 - line out from a Meridian Explorer on my computer tower I'm usually using the pre-amp or computer. Sometimes I just use the DAC.