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  1. BananaOoyoo

    Jomo Audio Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Jomo Audio has been around for a while though...? Unless your concerns are with MMR specifically.
  2. BananaOoyoo

    DAC under $300

    My setup is kinda(?) similar to yours, and I also think you should stick with the e30. If it ain’t broke...
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    New to headphones

    It doesn’t mean you can’t still try out different gear. If you’re in the US for example, you can reach out to where they have a year-long return policy and let them know about your situation (or other distributors that’ll let you borrow gear for a fee/deposit). Personal...
  4. BananaOoyoo

    IEM Recommendations - Sub Bass/Bass - EDM + Hip Hop - Any Budget

    EDM? Z1R, CE-5, and Legend X are all pretty good for that.
  5. BananaOoyoo

    New to headphones

    $5000? Audition the hell out of everything and figure out what you really want unless you want buyer’s remorse.
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    ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

    Just goes to show how important personal preferences are - Atticus should be right up your alley
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    Open headphone recommandation

    I omitted the HD580/600/650/660s because of the clamp. Not something I'd want to use if I still wore glasses - the 5xx/7xx/8xx are all more comfortable IMO.
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    Dissapointed with high end headphones... what am I doing wrong?

    Just spend an amount you're comfortable with and buy gear that you like at/below that price point. There isn't too much to it - personal preferences should be dominating purchasing decisions over all else. (For example, I think the HD820 is hot garbage even before factoring in the $2400 price...
  9. BananaOoyoo

    Open headphone recommandation

    The SQ leaves a lot to be desired, but HD700 is worth a look at that price range - specifically for gaming & long-term comfort.
  10. BananaOoyoo

    ZMF Verite Closed-New Closed Back ZMF Flagship.

    Ironwood's a much harder material than monkeypod. From his website, it looks like denser woods have increased speed and impact, while sofer ones have longer decay and natural resonance. Aesthetically? Between the two, I think I prefer ironwood, though given the choice, I'd want something else...
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Of the headphones I currently have (8/21/20), 1. ZMF Auteur 2. Sennheiser HD800S 3. Stax SR-L300L 4. ZMF Atticus 5. Sony WH-1000XM3 I also recently got to try the Elex (solid for the $400ish I paid for it), Utopia (again, solid for the $1500ish I paid for it, though way overrated), and Verite...
  12. BananaOoyoo

    METAL MAGIC RESEARCH (Thoughts and impressions)

    I saw someone using the Focal Utopia on the subway a couple weeks ago (Korea). It was pretty obnoxious tbh... I could hear his music over my TWS.
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    Best 4 IEMs Of The Decade!

    Four? 1. Viento 2. IER-Z1R 3. VX 4. VE8
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    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Obviously because they’ll be releasing a new Andromeda every quarter from now on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    I think the obvious solution here is to offer universal -> custom reshelling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    So with the Khan, the treble is definitely the star of the show. Basically everything from the mid-bass to the upper mids feel scooped out, so you’re getting some sub-bass with a lot of treble. I think one benefit of this is that there’s a perceived increase in resolution, but at the same time...
  17. BananaOoyoo

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    I found Tux5 to be less trebly than Khan, and it’s worth demoing. That said, I find Khan to be much more interesting as an IEM. My impression of tux5 was literally just “this is a hybrid”.
  18. BananaOoyoo

    Campfire - Solaris

    I think the Z1R beats Solaris by a pretty appreciable margin, but my recommendation would be to not buy because of a random review, especially if you’re happy with Solaris already. On the other hand, if you have an opportunity to audition it, you should 100% take advantage of that.
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    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    December 2019: Another quick list off the top of my head, would most likely be unable to recreate off memory, doesn't include anything I haven't tried reasonably recently, etc. Top 5: 1. Hidition Viento-Reference (personal unit) - I've really overlooked my Viento in the past because of how...
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    I’ve seen the M7 and M9 go at comparable prices in Korea, but the cheapest BNIB Z1R here was $1400ish. $1185 is pretty close to used prices locally