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  1. Charlyro222

    Oriolus Szalayi IEM discussion thread

    I think this new iem deserves a new threat. Let's go for another awesome Oriolus iem. Oriolus Szalayi Specs Body Material 3D Printing Photopolymer Transducer Type(per CH) BA Driver*1 14mm Plane Diaphragm Driver*1 10mm Dynamic Driver*1 Sensitivity 110dB/mW Freq...
  2. Charlyro222

    Venture Electronics — Appreciation Thread

    VE journey at Head-Fi started on Jam 30, 2007 Original Monk V2 review/impressions (Oct 10, 2015): The...
  3. Charlyro222

    VE Prime Dac

    This new Dac from VE is now on Preorder, and has caught my attention. Looks a very interesting option with a very affordable price. Specs Dual Mono ES9018k2m opa1656x7 3w(600mA @5V) ultra low noise -+12 analog stage design dual mono
  4. Charlyro222

    Erzetich Phobos 2021 Impressions Thread

    I didn´t find any post for this one, so I decided to start a new one for posting impressions on this model. Headphone time starts for me. Waiting a new Phobos 2021 version to be paired with my Danfrips Ares II and XI Audio Boradway, so warm sources. Let´s see in the incoming days what this...
  5. Charlyro222

    Oriolus Isabellae DD IEM discussion thread

    Let's go for another awesome DD iem.