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  1. Rlin987

    For Sale - Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Gold Edition

    Selling Mint Condition Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Gold Edition. Original owner, seldom used, always indoor used. Comes with all stock accessories and original packaging. Uninsured CONUS shipping and pp fees included. Insurance extra. For Sale Only. Will not response to trade offer...
  2. Rlin987

    For Sale Only - Campfire Andromeda Gold, K10U

    Cleaning up my IEMs and electronics. I'm not looking for any kind of trade... Trade requests will be ignored. All price in USD. Some cheap or fragile items I only want to ship within Canada to reduce shipping cost/avoid damage. Price is adjustable for local meet up in Great Vancouver Area...
  3. Rlin987

    Sold - Astell & Kenn Kann Cube with Leather Case

    Selling my mint condition Kann Cube with Official Leather Case. All packaging included. Price includes PayPal and Shipping. Insurance Extra.
  4. Rlin987

    For Sale - Noble K10U Massdrop with 2.5mm Balanced Cable

    Selling literary pristine Noble K10U purchased few weeks ago from Massdrop. Only tested twice using my own tips, accessories and packaging are complete. Comes with extra stock 2.5mm balanced cable. Price including shipping and PayPal, insurance extra. NOT INTERESTED IN TRADE. Do NOT send me...
  5. Rlin987

    Sold - Campfire Audio Solaris

    Selling 9/10 Campfire Audio Solaris. Full Packing and original accessories, some new tips are included too. Indoor usage only, always stored in Dignis Leather Case (See Picture) Purchased in December 2018. Canada Xpresspost or CONUS tracked shipping and Paypal included, insurance extra. Other...
  6. Rlin987

    For Sale - Astell & Kenn SP1000 Gold

    Selling on behalf of a friend in UK. Selling a Astell & Kenn SP1000 Gold DAP in Acceptable condition. The problem is mainly a few dents on the top edge, and there’s one small crack on the back, but does not impact its function. The original packaging is not in UK at this moment, and I can ship...
  7. Rlin987

    For Sale - Like New Hiby R3

    Selling my Hiby R3 in Like New condition. Only used few times, with full accessories and packaging. Asking for (including tracked shipping): 135 USD 180 CAD Absolutely no trade. Thanks.
  8. Rlin987

    Sold - Xelento Wireless

    Selling 9/10 Xelento Wireless, 2nd owner, purchased pristine from a friend (he only tested a few times), seldom used by myself, always with own eartips, all stock eartips untouched. WIRELESS version, comes with the BEST BLUETOOTH CABLE in the market. Comes with all original accessories and...
  9. Rlin987

    Sold - Mint Massdrop Noble X

    Selling MINT condition noble X. Only used once for testing with my own tips, all the stock tips still sealed. Asking: US$ 150 including PayPal and shipping. CA$ 200 including PayPal and shipping CA$ 180 Great Vancouver Area pick up
  10. Rlin987

    Sold - Campfire IO

    Selling my 2 weeks old Campfire IO with original accessories and packaging. Asking for 250 USD/320 CAD with PayPal & standard uninsured shipping included. Great Vancouver Area pick up welcome. Trade request will not be responded.
  11. Rlin987

    Sold: A&K SP1000M blue

    Up for sale is my mint SP1000M blue. Purchased in last October. Comes with original packaging and accessories. Asking for 2100 CAD / 1650 USD including Xpresspost shipping in Canada/Expedite shipping to US, insurance and PP fees extra. Prefer head-fi’ers in Canada. Price negotiable for...
  12. Rlin987

    Sold - Campfire Andromeda Pacific Blue

    Selling on behalf of my friend in LA. Selling Andromeda Pacific Blue - Original version. no B-stock. Only come with the stock accessories. Do not make any assumption please. Asking for 850 including shipping and paypal. For sale only.
  13. Rlin987

    Withdrawn - ALO Litz - 2.5 - MMCX

    Selling on behalf of my friend Selling ALO Litz cable in 2.5mm TRRS- MMCX termination. Price includes pp and CONUS shipping.
  14. Rlin987

    For Sale - ALO Reference 8 - 2.5 - MMCX

    Selling on behalf of my friend in LA Selling ALO reference 8 cable in like new condition with 2.5 mm TRRS and MMCX termination. Price include CONUS uninsured shipping and pp.
  15. Rlin987

    For Sale - OC Studio AuX 4 braided - 4.4 - MMCX

    Selling on behalf of my friend in LA. Selling like new condition of OC studio AuX 4 braided cable. Price include pp and CONUS uninsured shipping, insurance extra.
  16. Rlin987

    Sold - Labkable Pandora 4.4-mmcx

    Selling on behalf of my friend in LA Selling like new condition of Labkable Pandora cable, 4.4 TRRRS and MMCX termination. Price includes pp & CONUS uninsured shipping. Insurance extra.
  17. Rlin987

    For Sale - Campfire Atlas

    Selling on behalf of my friend in LA. Selling like new Campfire Atlas, original box, no stock silver litz cable. uninsured CONUS shipping and pp included, insurance extra. For Sale only
  18. Rlin987

    Sold- Campfire Andromeda Pacific Blue

    Selling like new condition of Andromeda pacific blue with all accessories and original box. Price includes pp and uninsured CONUS shipping, insurance extra. Extra cables in the pic are not included. Check them out in cables for sale page if you are interested in those. For sale only.
  19. Rlin987

    Sold - Campfire Comet

    My second pair of comet for sale. Very mint, seldom used, full stock accessories. Selling only in Canada.
  20. Rlin987

    For Sale - Macbook Pro 15' late 2016 Touch bar with Apple Care

    Selling 9/10 Macbook Pro 15' Space Grey late 2016 First generation with touch bar. Appearance: Only a very tiny scratch at the button, but I still call it 9/10. Hard protective case installed. Apple Care until Dec 16 2019 Hardware: i7 6820HK 16G Memory 512G Storage Radeon pro 455 Battery Cycle...
  21. Rlin987

    FS in Canada -Sennheiser HD800s

    Selling on behalf of my friend. Selling mint with box HD800s, comes with two balanced cables. Asking for 1600 CAD with shipping. Pp fees extra. Only for sell in Canada, or local pick up in Great Vancouver Area Strictly not looking for trade.
  22. Rlin987

    Sold - Andromeda S

    Selling mint Andromeda S Always stored in Dignis ARCA case to separate each unit. All indoor usage, smoke free. Asking for 1000USD with pp fees and no-insured shipping included. Accept EMT for Canadian buyer. Local pick up: Great Vancouver Area, BC. Option to add a Dignis ARCA case for 30 USD...
  23. Rlin987

    Sold - Onyko DPS1

    Selling 7.5/10 DPS1, comes with free TF cards. All accessories unused. Strictly no trade. Prefer local pick up but NA shipping is ok.
  24. Rlin987

    For Sale - Shure SHA900

    Selling mint Shure SHA900 portable amplifier, all fees included. With all accessories but no box. Strictly no trade. Will upload pics later.
  25. Rlin987

    Sold - Interest Check - Quloos QA361

    Selling LNIB Quloos QA361 DAP. New flagship pure music player model from Quloos. It’s the best sounding DAP in this price range, with very simple UI. For sale ONLY, any trade message will be ignored.