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  2. b0klau

    limitations of PA2v2

    hd6x0 really need a good desktop amp to reach their full potential. Even a cheap desktop amp will do the job fairly well. unfortunately, pa2v2 just doesn't cut it. And remember that the k701 is a known to be super hard to drive, no way in hell a pa2v2 well be able to bring it to its full...
  3. b0klau

    Best price Sennheiser HD650?

    Anyone in Canada know a place to get HD650's cheap? Every canadian site I've looked at has the hd650s listed for $500-$700 + I don't think J&R ships to canada any help is appreciated
  4. b0klau

    Headphones - WORN!!! - new thread - no nudity

      Anyone else notice Eminem rockin the d5000/d7000 in this brisk ad during the super bowl? Looks like Eminem has good taste Keeping pressing 5 during the vid to get a better look at em
  5. b0klau

    Which iBasso amp is a perfect match for DENON AH-D2000

    I don't know too much about the p3+, but it is also rollable, and it comes with a crazy amount of opamps/buffers.   but remember its discontinued now, so you would be looking at the for sale...
  6. b0klau

    Best Sennheiser under $100!!!

    hd555 is not recommended for library use. I still recommend a closed pair for situations like that. You won't find that from sennheiser. Look elsewhere
  7. b0klau

    Sennheiser HD600 Discontinued (?)

    im gonna miss that weird ironstone/marble finish...
  8. b0klau

    Headphone Sightings 2

      Quote: thank god it was just clay-mation  
  9. b0klau

    5 most under rated headphone brands?

    Quote: there aren't really many popular models other than the m50s. The Ad2000 deserve some respect, although i haven't heard them, from what i've read they can compete with the big boys
  10. b0klau

    Ugliest Headphones Ever Awards--VOTE NOW!

    the k1000s and the stigmas, or any other similar electrostat makes you look like you have dumbo ears.
  11. b0klau

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Quote:   here's the video. eminem is rockin the d5000/d7000s
  12. b0klau

    Is my M50 genuine?

    those look identical to mine... although mine are the older blue box version which have a tad more bass, while the white box version (the one you have) is more neutral and balanced. It could just be that the m50 isn't the right headphone for you, as everyone has different ears.
  13. b0klau

    BEGINNER need help!!!!!!

    Quote: yes it comes with all the necessary parts. the only thing you supply are the two 9volt batteries, the altoids tin, and the interconnect cable
  14. b0klau

    I tried to build a CMOY myself but I failed.. Anybody could help with trouble shooting?

    did you make sure the you inserted the opamp the right way? the side of the opamp with pin 1 (denoted with a dot) goes on the notch side of the ic socket. You could have shorted the opamp by inserting it the wrong way. 
  15. b0klau

    BEGINNER need help!!!!!!

    Quote:   I've built this cmoy before. It was my first diy amp build. Very very very simple. It comes in a kit as well so you won't have to hunt for parts. The layout is a lot more simple than the tangent one because there are no unnecessary jumper wires.  ...
  16. b0klau

    Which iBasso amp is a perfect match for DENON AH-D2000

    Forgot to mention the P4 is rollable, so you can adjust the sound to your tastes
  17. b0klau

    Which iBasso amp is a perfect match for DENON AH-D2000

    Ibasso does come to mind in the $200 price range, but you could also get the fiio e7 which goes for $100 which is a steal. if you're stuck on ibasso, look into the d4 mamba instead of the boa, the mamba price tag was lowered to $200 due to the release of it's bigger brother the D6. If you only...
  18. b0klau

    BEGINNER need help!!!!!! a step by step tutorial on how to make a simple cmoy from a radioshack pcb. very detailed and will cover pretty much everything you need to know. funny thing is i googled cmoy... this was the first result sometimes searching does help
  19. b0klau

    Best Sennheiser under $100!!!

    if you have a little bit more dough to spend, you can get the m50, as suggested above.... you could also get the shure srh-440 which is $100. Its a bit neutral though so you might find it boring, Grado sr60i also looks good.   I wouldn't stick with sennheiser, imo they have nothing worth...
  20. b0klau

    Headphone Sightings 2

    Large increase in amount of beats in my highschool (from christmas i assume) Funny thing is, These people always have them on their necks, but I haven't seen one person actually listening to their pair. I even saw a person wearing the beats 'pros' around his neck... with the cable detached...
  21. b0klau

    List of DIY headphone amplifiers

    Quote: Yes, I've ordered the banzai kit from that site before. I'm pleased to say the cmoy works very well. Great project for beginners Also if you haven't already These guys sell high quality PCBs for their cmoy BB (bass boost) design
  22. b0klau

    List of DIY headphone amplifiers

    Banzai V2 cmoy (electicsumo)
  23. b0klau

    P4 the Warbler a new portable amp from iBasso . . first impression pg 3 . images Pg 6&7 . . .

    Alright, thanks for the help Jamato. Im looking forward to roll the opamps in the little p4 again. This hobby never gets old