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  1. Xhakhal

    Review by 'Xhakhal' on item 'Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones'

    As we always remember the last words the longest, let's begin with the complaints:    My main beef with these are that they don't have a removable cord, and that the cord exits from both ears - these head phones are way too good to waste on a bad cord that glitches after just 6 months of...
  2. Xhakhal

    Review by 'Xhakhal' on item 'Ink'd Smokin' Buds Headphones - Green'

       The two pairs of Ink'd I've bought have both started glitching within one week from purchase. 'nuff said.
  3. Xhakhal

    Review by 'Xhakhal' on item 'Skullcandy SC-LOW Lowrider Headphone (Red)'

       The sound quality is A-OK, and worth what they're usually sold for in most shops. The nice, plastic design is pretty and the surfaces smooth and easy to customise if you prefer to paint them yourself. The quality of sound and the price are usually sound, and they do look very nice.  ...