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  1. jazzerdave

    FS: Audeze LCD-3 (SOLD)

    I originally purchased these to test them out and give them a fair shot while since I had only heard them at meets.  Well, I've had them much longer than originally intended, and if it weren't for a larger tax bill than I expected, I'd probably hold onto them.    I only have the SE cable and...
  2. jazzerdave

    FS: Darth Beyer v3 with Black Silver cable

    SOLD: a pair of Darth Beyer v3's as seen in this ad: They're in pretty good shape and are tons of fun (especially for the bassheads out there). I'd love to keep them, but I've been amassing a decent amount of gear lately...
  3. jazzerdave

    SOLD: Q701 with Zu Mobius AKG upgrade cable

    SOLD, I have a black AKG Q701 with Zu Audio's Mobius headphone cable (8ft). They're past the break-in stage but haven't been overused. The headphones themselves are in great condition with only a little bit of dust on the velour pads (I used a bit of masking tape to get as much dust out as I...
  4. jazzerdave

    FS: Bottlehead S.E.X. (Single Ended eXperimenter's amp)

    Up for sale is my Bottlehead S.E.X. amp.  I really enjoy it, but I just preordered Cavalli's Liquid Glass amp, and have to clear some things out.  This little guy is the first to go.  It's a pretty standard build - nothing fancy.     I'd prefer to ship within the continental US (local pickup...