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  1. redrich2000

    Review by 'redrich2000' on item 'Koss A250 Headphones'

    A gem from the past: fast, transparent, detailed and up-front.
  2. Audiophile Products Cute Beyond - Silver Headphone Amplifier

    Audiophile Products Cute Beyond - Silver Headphone Amplifier

    The Cute Beyond is optimized for a wide range of load impedances, and is suitable to most headphones from the Etymotic ER4P (27 ohm) to the AKG K240DF (600 ohm). This high bandwidth, extreme low noise design (lower than -107db) yields greater than 105 dB of dynamic range and exceeds the...
  3. Koss A250 Headphones

    Koss A250 Headphones

    A gem from a by-gone era. Older head-fiers will remember these when Koss let the last stock go for $30 on eBay. Originally they sold for $250. Very good headphones, very fast, forward and dynamic with great soundstage and transparency. Most would call them bright.
  4. redrich2000

    Review by 'redrich2000' on item 'Audio Technica ATH-CK7 Titanium Earphones'

    I think these are a great portable option for those who don't like full in-ear phones. These are comfortable, easy to get in and out, don't completely cut you off from the world and they are durable.   SQ wise I think they are very good, much better than a lot of the semi in-ear canal phones...
  5. redrich2000

    Review by 'redrich2000' on item 'HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones'

    You don't need another review about how good these sound. But I had two pairs, both of which lasted only a couple of months before one ear went dead. I was keeping them wrapped around my ipod in my bag but wasn't abusing them. So either I had shocking luck or these phones are a bit fragile.