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  1. rsbrsvp

    Would a good linier PSU for my mac mini clean up the usb power?

    It is well known that the usb hubs of all computers are quite noisy.   If I purchased an external linier PSU (which claims to be quieter than the lowest noise lithium batteries) for my mac mini would the USB power be cleaned up substantially so that I could use a USB powered dac and not have the...
  2. rsbrsvp

    Is there any Lambda that does not have a shouty upper mid range?

    I have tried the 404, and 507 and Lambda Signature.  All of them have that peak, or etch in the upper frequencies which I cannot stand.   I tried the LNS and it was fine in this area but it did not sound very good either.   Is there any Lambda, Airbow or similar that sounds good and doses...
  3. rsbrsvp

    STAX SR-007a squealing

    I hear squealing from one of my drivers in my SR-007a.  Anytime I plug it into my BHSE I hear it even if my other equipment is off.   Can I solve this problem without sending in the phones to Japan?   Any help would be appreciated.
  4. rsbrsvp

    Has anyone heard the Ultrafi DAC-41

    I was curious about this DAC. Has anyone heard it? What is the sonic presentation like? Thanks.
  5. rsbrsvp

    BHSE tube adaptors

    Hi.   Is it possible to develop tube adaptors to allow use of KT88 tubes instead of EL34 tubes in a BHSE?     If so-  how do I find someone who can make them for me?     Thanks..
  6. rsbrsvp

    ATH W3000ANV VS LA7000

    Which is more romantic/euphoric?   Which is better?  Why?
  7. rsbrsvp

    LA7000 VS W3000

    Anyone heard both?   How do they compare?   Which is more Euphonic/Romantic?
  8. rsbrsvp

    Is there any digital volume control that is as transparent as the volume knob of a headphone amplifier?

    I am a bit new to computer audio.  I have tries I tunes, Amarra, Pure Music, and Fidelia.  Many of these programs have advanced dithering which does a nice job on te volume- but none of them are as transparent as controlling my volume directly on my BHSE headphone amp.   Is there any...
  9. rsbrsvp

    BHSE Single Ended or Balanced

    Does it really matter or are they equal?   Even if technically there is a difference, could the human ear hear it in actual use?
  10. rsbrsvp

    BHSE Tube Biasing Issues

    I can't seem to srabalize the bias on any tubes i uses on my BHSE. The back two tubes bias and stay stable. However the front two tubes bias always float. I would think that after one hour of power on or two at the most that if I set the bias to zero volts it would stay put but if I check an...
  11. rsbrsvp

    Winamp ASIO or KS output advice requested

    Hi. I am not very good with computers and need some advice. For Winamp, what is the best ASIO or KS output even if it costs? I have downloaded a few free ones but I dont know how to get them into the Winamp output screen. They just download to the computer- but i need to get them into...
  12. rsbrsvp

    Can Winamp use 2 DSP plugins at once?

    If so- how do configure that possibility under the preferences?
  13. rsbrsvp

    Which is the best Digital input for my DAC

    I have a Ayon CD-5 which can be used as a stand alone DAC. I have USB, SPDIF and AES-EBU input on the DAC section. I want to use my computer as the digital source and I was wondering which is the best input to use? My computer has built in USB and SPDIF output- but I believe I would need to...