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  1. windrider

    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by musictang Looks like Singaporean audiopiles taste tends prefer IE8 much more then W3 W3: Westone 3 IE8: IE8 - Review Sennheiser IE series a good news here we can made comparison by audition before buying.:ksc75smile : I'm Singaporean and i...
  2. windrider

    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by qusp 50-60% i find that westone 3 really shines when i turn up the volume abit more (50-60% on the iphone 3g), but i wonder if that is too high a volume for safe listening... at lower volumes i dont find it that much of an improvement over sa6
  3. windrider

    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    for all who use the westone 3s unamped out of an iphone 3g, mind sharing what volume level you usually use when you listen to music through the westone 3s?
  4. windrider

    Westone 3 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by vorlon1 This is exactly right! I've been doing comparisons with the UM 2, TF10, Shure E500, Sleek SA6, ESW9, HFI-780 and even a Senn HD600 RAL re-cable out of a Singlepower Extreme with the same music and NONE of them have the ability to capture this decay...
  5. windrider

    iPod---->Senn HD600 (Great, Impressed)

    no doubt they sound better amped but even when unamped i still think they sound better than the hd595.
  6. windrider

    iPod 7G: 120gb only

    first thing i did after the announcement was to get a refurb 160gb. Kinda sad that the price dropped further in just one week and i kinda lost US$30 cos i bought it one week earlier. Bringing my whole library around is important to me... its also a great way to show other people what music...
  7. windrider

    considering a balanced setup for hd600 or hd650

    After some research, am i right to say that the headroom balanced desktop amp + dac option is the cheapest balanced setup i can get? I am curious as to how it would compare to a Lavry da10 used both as a dac and amp. If the da10 comes really close, i might consider buying that first, then...
  8. windrider

    Which headphones are good enough that the average person couldn't tell the difference in SQ between a more expensive pair

    to me, the hd600s are better than the hd595s, even when unamped... especially considering they cost so little over the 595s
  9. windrider

    DT-880s a bit too bright; HD-650 or D2000?

    If you're getting the darkvoice 332, it has great synergy with the citypulse and hd650 and i would recommend the hd650. But since you aren't getting the 332, my vote goes to the hd600 for reasons mentioned above already. Its easier to make hd600 sound decent than hd650 IMO... don't know...
  10. windrider

    Just got a little dot MKIII: first impressions vs dv332

    Actually i'm happy with the amount of body in bass especially. Fuller mids never hurt though... So far my experience is that the fuller the mids are the more pleasant it is. Personally i hope to find some combination that gives punchier bass even if its a little less in amount. I like...
  11. windrider

    Just got a little dot MKIII: first impressions vs dv332

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pricklely Peete The MK III's ability to change with tube rolling is remarkable. Check out the tube rolling thread for insight. Feed the MK III a high quality signal and it just gets better and better. Peete. Yes i've been following that thread...
  12. windrider

    Just got a little dot MKIII: first impressions vs dv332

    Quote: Originally Posted by fdhfdy I prefer k701 on MK3. Just so good! havent heard the k701 but from what ppl have described of it sounds like it'll be a good match with the mkIII
  13. windrider

    Just got a little dot MKIII: first impressions vs dv332

    Actually after abit more listening the mids seemed to have improved compared to my first impression of them. Probably i was listening at too low a volume level at first... or maybe the tubes haven't warmed up properly just now.
  14. windrider

    Darkvoice just released 332

    Just have a quick question: Anyone of you using 332 with a hd600 or hd650? Mind sharing what position your volume knob is at most of the time?
  15. windrider

    Do I have sensitive ears? (Grado SR-225 related)

    you sound like you need to try a pair of hd600s
  16. windrider

    The Sennheiser HD-600 thread

    Listening to these now and i think it'll be REAL hard to dethrone these as my main cans. Although its mids arent as sweet as the sa6, and it lacks just a final bit of bass punch, everything just blends with these cans, and everything just sounds natural, lively, but never harsh. And they're...
  17. windrider

    Darkvoice just released 332

    i bent the tips of my tubes a little and the problem seems to be gone.
  18. windrider

    Darkvoice just released 332

    Im getting the same problem and its driving me crazy. Quote: Originally Posted by BigTony Bah, My 332 has started to get crackly/rustly in the right hand channel, again. The amp isn't yet 3 weeks old! First time this problem appeared i switched all the tubes to some NOS tubes i'd...
  19. windrider

    HD 595 vs ATH-A900? (sry)

    i agree with the comment about hd600; i think even unamped the hd600s sound better than the hd595s so you might wanna consider that too. cant comment about the ad900s though.
  20. windrider

    Do I have a good final 3? Sennheiser HD-650, AK-701, Beyerdynamic DT-880?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ast 650 does not "sparkle", 701 is woeful to wear. 880 is your choice. hd650 does not have enough sparkle but dt880's mids are on the thin side.
  21. windrider

    Forgiving headphones

    i would say hd650, if you can take its dark sound signature.
  22. windrider

    Denon AH-D2000 - Your views?

    Is it just me or are these not really that comfortable? I tried them on a few weeks ago and i found the earcups very small; not enough to cover my whole ear, and if i squeeze it in somehow its touching/pushing at my ears. If i dont, they become somewhat like super-aural phones (i have to lay...
  23. windrider

    Super Fi 5 pro has weak bass. Anyone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by robojack I don't know about to my Atrio's and SA6's, the SF5P's lower-bass capabilities sound pretty weak and lacking. Lots of mid-bass, if that's what the TC likes. x2. sf5p lacks so much in the lower bass section compared to the sa6...
  24. windrider

    Darkvoice just released 332

    Ok i took it off the zero. Is there anyway i can know whether its running at a "safe" temperature? As it is right now i cant leave my finger on it for more than 1 or 2 seconds. Is it safe to leave it on forever?
  25. windrider

    Sleek SA6

    shure black olives are a great choice. i'm using them myself. not too sure about the size tho... didnt know there were different sizes. tried them out personally at a store myself though.