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  1. jtevol1

    Ouch! You have to read to believe it!

    At first I thought this was a joke, but this poster is serious. I try to be respectful of others' opinions, but I think his/her comments may be unprecedented:
  2. jtevol1

    What we've been waiting for...120GB HD

    http:/ May or may not get released for iPods...
  3. jtevol1

    iLounge's review of Shure SE310

    Really, it's the review of resident reviewer, Jeremy Horwitz: Interesting...
  4. jtevol1

    Olive Opus/Musica

    How does the CD player in Olive Opus/Musica compare to the sound quality of CD players in similar price range? I know Vinnie of Redwine Audio does modifications on these, but it's too expensive right now for me to get them. I should also note that the Musica fits my budget more than the Olive...
  5. jtevol1

    Which one wins in SQ: Micro DAC or Redwine iMod?

    My next purchase will be one of these two products, and I want to know (from actual owners of both) which one offers the best sound quality. I know the advantages and disadvantages of both products (Micro DAC offers more flexibility with products, while the iMod is more portable). I don't care...
  6. jtevol1

    Help Me Decide: Micro DAC or Redwine iMod

    I'm trying to decide how to best spend the $300 I reserved for an audio upgrade. I read glowing reviews of both the Micro DAC and the Redwine iMod, and understand the pros and cons of each. I'm satisfied with my portable equipment--iRiver h120/iPod Photo 60GB, RSA Hornet, PocketDock, RnB Black...
  7. jtevol1

    Super-fi 5Pros and Hornet users

    What gain setting do you use with the Super-fi 5Pros? I think they're supposed to be set at low, but the sound is too thin and dark when I use them. I normally use the medium gain.
  8. jtevol1

    Grado vs. Sennheiser: Agree with these comments

    I am interested in upgrading from my Grado SR80, and I asked this guy who has an audio store and sells the entire line of Grado and Sennheiser. I know he likes the Grado sound, but I asked him if I should upgrade to the Sennheiser HD650, because I've heard so many glowing reviews about this...
  9. jtevol1

    Recommendations for a new CD player

    I'm interested in purchasing a player which plays SACD and DVD-A discs, and has audiophile quality. Does anyone have recommendations?
  10. jtevol1

    RnB Black Diamond and Sky Blue mini

    I'm almost complete with my portable rig. It seems the last thing missing is a high-quality cable. I've read many positive reviews of Myo's RnB Black Diamond. My inquiry is what are the sonic differences between the Black Diamond and the Sky Blue mini. I take it that the Black Diamond sounds...
  11. jtevol1

    Contour Showcase and Turbo Dock/Sin Dik

    Does anyone know if either the Turbo Dock or the Sin Dik fit an enclosed Contour Showcase? I have a 4G iPod, and I know the PocketDock (I have one) does not fit the case. It's unfortunate that I have to buy another one just so it'll fit my case--which I think is the best one for the iPod (except...
  12. jtevol1

    Hornet owners: Carrying equipment recommendations

    This post is for Hornet users. What do you use to carry your Hornet, mp3 player/PCDP, and headphones? I'm trying to figure out how to carry these three, without losing much portability. Does anyone have recommendations?
  13. jtevol1

    Ultimate Ears returns

    Has anyone ever needed to return/replace a pair of Ultimate Ears under warranty (obviously not their customs)? If so, how is their customer service? Do you just need to give them your receipt and everything's taken care of? Do they give you an open or unopened as a replacement?
  14. jtevol1

    Headphones leaking. Is there a cure?

    Whenever I'm home, I love to enjoy my Grados to the max, and am not as conscious about the sound they leak. When I commute by public transportation, however, which is often, I'm worried that my earbuds (yes, earbuds. Ultimate Ears 5 pro) may leak too much noise that people may hear it...
  15. jtevol1

    Shure E3C and Ultimate Ears 5 Pro owners please respond

    I'm almost certain now that I will purchase the Emmeline Hornet amp after reading various positive reviews. I currently own the Shure E3C and an unopened Ultimate Ears 5 Pro. I know the latter is better than the former. What I want to know is if the Hornet would improve the Shure E3C's...