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  1. Julienstanford

    DSD Metadata

    So I have a friend that’s Chinese. And while they speak English all their music collection is in Chinese The folders, file names, and metadata are all written in Chinese. We are talking about 90 gigs of high resolution audio. Some 24bit, WAV, and DSD. Like I said my Chinese friend also...
  2. Julienstanford

    Reterminating 3.5 to 2.5 JHAudio Cable

    My JHAudio Roxanne II cable has a short in the connector going to the earphone. I want to reterminate both ends repurposing the wire. Has anyone used an unbalanced JHAudio cable with the bass pots and solderied on a 2.5 balanced connector to it? It seems like it wouldn't be a problem but I...
  3. Julienstanford

    DSD to Hugo on an Android phone?

    I've found apps that will transcode DSD to wave on Android and even iOS, but I haven't found anything that will directly play DSD to a Mojo or Hugo. I kmow iOS is blocked/limited, this is why I address my question directly to the Android OS. Thanks
  4. Julienstanford

    A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

    We've all thought about having the durability of silicone with the sound isolation of foam tips. Throughout the years I'm sure we've all come across that dilemma. I can't count the times I worried if the sides would split on my foam tips leaving me earphoneless while I was out. Yes, that...
  5. Julienstanford

    Have my JH Audio checked for defects?

    I have a pair of JH Audio Roxanne's that I would like to have examined to make sure they're working correctly. I emailed JH audio and didn't receive a reply from them. Is there a company that can do this?
  6. Julienstanford

    Will Hifiman have a sale on Amazon this Christmas

    I'm sure everyone remembers the multiple hundred dollar discounts they had on their headphones last Christmas, Who thinks they will be on sale again this year?
  7. Julienstanford

    A place that can service my IEM

    The sound in my UE Triple Fi left phone is dramatically quieter. In the last 6 years they've gone through the washed three times and (now) I think somethings is broken inside. The left speaker is quieter through most of the frequency range, but it's very dead at 13,000 Hz and up. I hear...