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  1. kamal007

    CK2III for Grado RS2, HD600, SA5000 and darths

    Will the CK2III be a good choice or the EC/SS will be a better option?
  2. kamal007

    Woody Grado SR125 with pics

    Hey all, I just want to share my custom Grado with all of the headfiers. The woody was done by en480c4, silver recable by Nikongod, and the custom lambskin headband was by Fatman711 (thanks all) Heres a pic of it. enjoy!! Edit: and 1500th post..woot
  3. kamal007

    Nashville, TN Meet anyone?

    Hey, Ive never been to a meet but would love to go to one. Any nashville headfiers that care for a meet? Ill bring my whole collection of headphones to the meet Thanks
  4. kamal007

    No Serial Grado RS-2 vs Serialized RS-2

    Hey all, do you know what the difference sonically between the two pairs of RS2? would the no serial be better than the ones with serial numbers on it? Thanks
  5. kamal007

    HD600 sound similar to DT990

    Im using my Melos SHA-1 with stock tubes and theyre kinda the same except that the HD600 is just abit laid back. Is this normal?
  6. kamal007

    Sennheiser RS130 Wireless Headphones on sale at - $60

    At Are they any good.. any head-fiers own those?
  7. kamal007

    EMU 0404 USB Asio Problem

    Hey all, i have one quick question.Im using an EMU 0404 USB that i recently bought new. When i use ASIO output for my foobar, whenever i launch movies or games without closing the foobar first, there will be no sound. Is ASIO works for only one application at a time? Im using Windows...
  8. kamal007

    Need some advice thread. Nano+T2 or Zune

    Hey..i currently have a 2nd gen nano..would adding a T2 amp with it and using line out be better than a stock zune? im using a yuin pk2 for portable. and can you recommend me some other dap that can play FLAc files that are small enough? the size of nano? Thanks
  9. kamal007

    Headfive- not enough gain?

    Hey guys i got my Headfive today and based on the 10 minutes i used them, i think their gain is pretty low. i used the dt880/250ohm and have to crank up the volume until like 3 oclock in the knob. but when im using the Denon d2000, i mainly stays around 12oclock. my source is a modded xfi and i...
  10. kamal007

    replay gain question

    hey..i know that replay gain will make almost all of the sound on the same level of volume but when i replaygained my mp3's the sound became too low..are there any way i can replaygained and make the sound louder? i tried searching but didnt get an answer Thanks in advance
  11. kamal007

    2.0 speaker recommendations

    budget is around $200 ..these have to be powered by internal amp.. my desk is kinda small to put a receiver to connect the speakers.. what i have in mind is swans m200 any other choice? ive heard about m-audio but cant recall any particular model..
  12. kamal007

    heed canamp initial impression

    i bought this heed used with like 100hrs of burn in time..i also received a modded xfi on the same day..plug them into my setup and woo..the change is very very small.. i used the integrated sound from my mobo together with my XP amp and they sounded almost the same .. maybe slightly less...
  13. kamal007

    akg k81dj help (to insert hd25 pads)

    hey.. i got the hd25 velour pads today and i couldnt fit the pads into the akg..anyone have done this and do you mind helping me out? Thanks
  14. kamal007

    woodied ksc75

    hey..anyone tried to woodied their ksc75? im thinking of buying some wood napkin rings, and try to put them into it..then use a grado flats or bowl pads at the woody.. i dont have them ready, im just thinking bout them since i saw the wood napkin ring and immediately the headphiled grados...
  15. kamal007

    Amp to go with my Darth Beyer V3 Closed

    Firstly, Im done( i think) with the headphone searching. Ill be settling down with my Darth Beyer V3 as main cans. Thanks to all who recommended the Darth. Thinking that im getting another cans to complement my Darth, some recommended me to upgrade my amp. So here we go again. My...
  16. kamal007

    Compliment to my darth

    Hey all, im selling almost all of my cans except for my darth.. which cans do you think will be a compliment to my darth? im planning to get a dt990 or rs-2 or maybe an open darth... do you have any ideas for cans thats around the same price? Thanks
  17. kamal007

    Which headphones to get rid off?

    Hey short on cash right now and i think i need to sell some of my gears.. opinions needed on which one to get rid off..the cans are: Darth Beyer Cocobolo V3 Blackmax 2m Sennheiser HD 595 Grado SR225 AKG K81DJ Beyer DT 770/80 The one i love the most is the Darth,Senn,Grado,AKG...
  18. kamal007

    replacement for akg81dj pads

    hey, i have an akg81dj and imo the pads are not that comfortable to me. i heard that the sennheiser hd25 velour pads will fit into them and another person tell me that it doesnt.. If any of you have an alternative for the earpads or successfully changed the pads on the akg81dj please post...
  19. kamal007

    Advice needed for Darth Beyer

    Hey guys.. im planning to buy one of those from Larry.. I plan to take the cheapest route which is $345( buy 770 from Larry himself) and ill buy the black earpads too.. ($10) and do you guys know which wood will sound the best? and do i need to upgrade anymore? Im kinda tight on...
  20. kamal007

    Skullcandy goes high end?

    cant believe it.. its around $150.. i bet its bad as bose triport(around $130 too)
  21. kamal007

    Newbie Need help (Receiver or amp)

    Hey guys.. i am in the middle of a dilemma here whether to keep my ld2++ or return them and buy a home receiver (around $150).. will that be a wise choice? the list of cans that i used are in my sig.. will a $150 receiver (denon, yamaha) be sufficient to drive those headphones or i...
  22. kamal007

    Got my LDM 2++ Today but missing cables

    Where can i find the power cables and the RCA cables to start and use them? i have a Electronic Express Nearby so i can run there and pick them up but im not sure which one to get im running it via my pc (3.5mm plug i think should be ok)