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  1. feanorean

    Shure SE215 Headphone Equivalent

    Hi All,   I own a pair of Hifiman RE-0 and a pair of Shure SE215 earphones/IEMs. Of the two I prefer the sound signature of the Shure's. Can anyone suggest a fullsize headphone with an equivalent signature to the SE215's. IMO this means a more fullish bass (not overwhelming) and forward mids...
  2. feanorean

    WA-7 vs WA6 + M-Stage

    Hi All,   As the title says, I'm looking at upgrading to either the WA-7 Fireflies or a Matrix M-Stage DAC + WA6 (w/Sophia Princess Rectifier). These two options both come out at the $1000 mark, but what do people think is the better option?   I'm currently running an ODAC+O2 Combo with...