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  1. filhej

    iTunes File Location?

    I just followed the the advice in iTunes help regarding moving the library to another location in the dollowing sequence. 1. Created a new folder on D Drive and named it "iTunes New Location" 2. Changes preferences in iTunes to point to the new file location 3. Closed iTunes 3. Copied all...
  2. filhej

    Ety ER6i Noise from cable - Questions

    Milkpowder. Maybe I am focusing on the worng cause of michrophnics, but from the picture you sent of the ER4's, I would think that just the sheer size of the cable pod would dampen any vibrations between the jack and pod. I am now eperimenting with methods of wrapping the cord behind my ears and...
  3. filhej

    Ety ER6i Noise from cable - Questions

    New to Headfi and I've done a little searching but have yet to find anyone discussing my question/concern. I have had the ER6i for a couple years and have not used them much because of the physical noise that occurs when the cable bumps against another object or rubs up against your body. They...
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