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  1. Iuke

    Headphone upgrade +- €500

    Hi folks! I've now been running the Marshall Monitors for a good year now and they did what they had to do, but now I'd like an upgrade, especially since something has gone wrong and it keeps rattling when I move. So now I'm looking for something that's really going to elevate my listening...
  2. Iuke

    Would I need an Amp/ DAC

    Hi, I will buy a heaphone in the near futire either a Beyerdynamic 770pro 32 or a Marshall monitor but because sound quality is really important to me I have seen multiple comments and people advising audiophiles to consider buying and Amp-DAC combination. But since I am not sure I would need...
  3. Iuke

    Marshall monitor wired vs bluetooth

    I am considering to buy either the bluetooth monitor or it's wired version but I'm not quite sure about a couple of things. To be honest if I had the bluetooth, I would mostly use it with the wire because sound quality is pretty much everything to me. The reason for me why I might opt for...
  4. Iuke

    Beyerdynamic 770 32 vs Marshall Monitor

    I have been looking to buy a headphone and having done some research I came down to these two headphones. I looked at all the headphones available for around 100-150 euro's and for each make of headphones I tested a couple of headphones and these were my conclusions: The Sony's produce in my...
  5. Iuke

    What Headphone should I buy? €150

    Hi I'm looking to buy a heaphone but I really don't know were to start looking since their is so much to choose from. Right now I use the AKG 518LE (on-ear headphone) and to be fair it's fairly decent. The sound is ok and it's quite tight on the ears but it did what it had to do for €45. The...